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Booker Blog: We Can Only Beat Ourselves


We lost to the Redskins last time we played them, so I don't think looking ahead is going to be a problem we would have regardless. Even if they were 1-14, we lost to them. Just for the simple fact that we want revenge is probably the most important thing. Second, if we want to have a shot at playing in January, we have to win. There's enough motivation there to where looking ahead of these guys is almost impossible.

We've committed to running the ball more than we have all season. That's why we've been playing more complete also. When teams don't know what's coming, it makes everybody's job a lot easier. You're not predictable. Again, time of possession. Our defense is already great, but the fact that we're not really allowing the opposing offense to have very many opportunities gives them an even better chance which is pretty dangerous in terms of our defense. Keeping those guys fresh as good as they are I think that helps them to make even more big plays. We just got another defensive score. Stewart got his first pick of the year. Everybody on the D, they go out there and they're not really as tired and I think they're making more plays because of it too.

I think we are converting more on third downs because we're paying closer attention to detail. People are beginning to understand how important it is to move the chains and to sustain drives. Third down is the biggest down of them all. I think everybody collectively is dialing it in a little more on third down because we weren't getting them earlier and we were losing. I think that everybody has looked at tape over the last couple of ballgames and we just figured out that if we're going to win, we have to improve in those areas. Like I said, I think when those situations came up, everybody just turned it on even more and we were able to get it done. We just have to keep it rolling.

As an offense, we're feeling pretty good. Every team can't say that they could only beat themselves. We're talented enough to where we go play each and every week the way we're capable of, it's going to hard for anybody to beat us. We've got as much talent as anybody. It's just a matter of who's going to put it together the best. Everybody's feeling good. Brian is getting healthier and healthier. Now that Correll is back, that's going to take even more of a load off him. And it's a good changeup. It gives them a different type of back to defend against. You really have to bring your shoulder pads when because when you come hit Correll, he's going to run through you. It makes our offense more dangerous. Guys are getting healthy and everybody's playing together.

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