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Booker Blog: Adversity Reveals Character


This preseason game does not even compare to my first preseason game last season, my rookie year. I was more amped because I know I can play in the NFL now. I've started a game in the NFL. I've played against Ray Lewis and everybody, so I am more pumped knowing that I can do it because knowing that you can play against those guys makes you really want to show people what you are made of. As far as that's concerned, it gets harder to control the nerves. It's was my first game as an Eagle and I kind of expected that even though I know I shouldn't have been nervous.

Some of the new guys like myself were fired up to get out and play. We did some good things at practice and during camp so far, and I really think people got to see how much an addition DeSean Jackson can be this year. I think DeSean played better than a lot of people expected because he had a little hamstring issue. You never got to see that go route where he just exploded on people, but I think the catches over the middle and the patience that he showed, this being his first NFL game; you've got to be excited. That guy is going to be used in a bunch of different ways just like a lot of other people in the offense.


RB/KR Lorenzo Booker
I did not feel that same anxiety on the offensive side of the ball at all. Offensively, I felt very comfortable. And of course I can think of a couple of plays that I felt I could have done better at but that's what this for. The preseason is for us to go out there and to work on some of the small things before September 7th or 8th, whenever our opener is. I don't feel like there were any major mistakes and that's the bottom line. You have to walk away feeling good about that, knowing there wasn't something that you just blew. As long as you can feel like that then everything else will take care of itself.

I knew that the playcalling was going to be vanilla, but we showed a little of what we are capable of doing. I knew I was going to be spread out twice, or at least I thought I was, but we still didn't run a quarter of the routes. One was a go route and the other was a 15-yard basic, so I was actually surprised they called that. I mean who wants to show a lot of your plays, especially against a team you are going to face during the regular season. So with that being said, it was probably worse than it normally would be.

I also finally got the chance to be the primary kickoff returner and you know what, the wedge blocked well. J.R. Reed did an excellent job as he always does. But I was so anxious to make a play that I was slipping and I have done that a time or two, when I am in a hurry. I see something and I want to get there and my mind goes there but my body doesn't. So I slipped a few times, but again that is what the preseason is for, to work out the kinks and stuff like that. I will say that I am glad that I got to see how good my wedge is going to be because the wedge blocked well. At practice J.R. has really been the key in my read in terms of where to go and everybody did what they are supposed to do, I just have to keep my footing. It was the first preseason game, but we've got a couple more. We're going to try to get one to the house before the regular season starts to build that confidence up and let everyone know what we can do.

I am excited for training camp to be over. There is always something to work on; but training camp is a drag. It really tests you. It really lets you know how much you love the game but the fact of the matter is as much as we hate it, it is still a good thing because you need that work. I think above all is that team chemistry you build.You get people pressing for one goal. You push them and put their backs up against the wall, take away their sleep and deprive them of a lot of things that they are normally used to having and you see how they respond because I am a firm believer in adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it.

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