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Booker Blog: A Lot To Be Excited About


I know the fans want to see a lot of the things that we worked on during camp, but the only way they can really involve me in the passing game is to show everybody what we are going to do during the regular season, which we are not going to do. That would not be a good thing. We are going to go out there and run a few basic routes, nothing major but we can't give away everything we've worked on for the regular season during camp.

I'm extremely excited because the closer the regular season gets the more excited I am going to get to run the plays that enabled me to have such a great camp. But again, I understand how the preseason works and whether Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis were here or not we are going to run the same things that we normally do. Obviously, Greg Lewis and Hank Baskett are more than capable of picking up the load.

The only thing that Reggie's absence and Kevin's absence did allow me was the ability to take a few more reps on special teams that I probably wouldn't have had the chance to get had Hank not been starting, so if I am going to back him up this was a good chance for me to come out against a team who is obviously pretty decent on special teams. The way that we were able to play on that unit was exciting.

After a 27-17 win over the Patriots and two wins in a row, of course we are very confident. People can say what they want to say, but the fact of the matter is that most of the Patriots starters played. The only person that didn't play was Tom Brady and obviously that isn't a little thing, but Tom is not the New England Patriots. Everybody else had to go out and do their job, but we still did our job better than they did so is it a regular season game? No, but there is still something to take away from this. We executed better than they did, period. That's what the preseason is for. It's to work out the kinks, to work on your execution, cut down on the mistakes and mental errors and we did that much better than they did in every phase of the game so that's definitely something to build off of.

Tony Hunt did great as the fullback. He is the Brett Favre of the Philadelphia Eagles, the guy has to learn a whole new position in one week and then go out there with the starters and make it look like he has been doing it for three years. He did a great job. Obviously, physically he is going to be able to play pretty much anywhere they put him. People don't understand that in this kind of offense the fullback has a completely different responsibility than most offenses.

It's not just, 'OK, run here and block this guy Tony.' You have to know everything, just like the running back and just like the quarterback. I think he has a little bit of an edge on that going in being that he was a tailback and knowing somewhat what the fullback does but it's completely different when you are in a game situation. The fact that he was able to go out there and really not make any mental errors, against a team of this caliber, on the road, I mean it speak volumes. I think we are excited about a lot of things going into the regular season and Tony Hunt playing football is one of them.

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