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Behind Enemy Lines: A Look At The Saints's John DeShazier offers a glimpse of the Saints heading into tonight's matchup ...

What has the return of Sean Payton meant to the Saints?

"The Saints jumped from 7-9 when he was suspended back up to 11-5 and a Wild Card team this season. This team was much improved from last year. ... They got 'the guy' back, the final word. To have him back in charge, everyone understood how to pull in one direction. He's a no-nonsense guy. Everyone toed the line and you see the results."

What makes the Saints offense so prolific?

"When they are on all cylinders, and fortunately for them they've been on all cylinders at home all season long, then they are a fantastic bunch to watch. They spread it around. It's high scoring. They pile up the yards. Unfortunately for the Saints this season, that hasn't really translated to the road and that's where they have to go in the playoffs."

What has the offense been so different on the road?

"They go on the road and commit turnovers and penalties. In their five road losses, they are averaging two turnovers and seven penalties per game. And a lot of the turnovers are in their own territory. That gives the opponent an easy touchdown drive or a field-goal drive. The penalties have been as hindering because instead of second-and-3, it's second-and-13 and they're in situations where they're behind the chains and they can't make up the yards. They've had good games on the road. They won their first two of the season and they played well enough to win at Carolina until Cam Newton pulled the final drive out of his back pocket."

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