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Baskett Brings In Amazing Throw From Vick

The most impressive play Thursday night by quarterback Michael Vick came in the first quarter when he took the snap out of the shotgun and drilled the ball towards Hank Baskett. The rangy, 6-4 receiver reached up and plucked down the speeding bullet. It was a 13-yard gain deep in Jaguars' territory that set up a 31-yard David Akers field goal.

"He looked good. He definitely has an arm on him," Baskett said. "He read the defense. It's all about being on the same page. No matter what happens, it's all about the quarterback and the receiver being on the same page. On that play, we happened to be reading the same thing. I came back, he moved, he read that I was going to come back, and he put the ball where it needed to be. He made a play."

The 69,144 in attendance at Lincoln Financial Field didn't have to wait long to see Vick get into the game. Baskett said that it was good that Vick stepped on the field on the Eagles' second play of the game.

"No one knew what was going to happen tonight. He handled it very well," Baskett said. "Everybody handled it very well. Now the public is in on what we can do with him out on the field."

Everyone now has a glimpse of how Vick can be incorporated into the offense. The question for the Eagles is how they can solve their struggles in the red zone. For the night, the Eagles were 3-of-8 inside the opponent's 20-yard line. Late in the first half, on a third-and-goal from the Jaguars' 3-yard line, Donovan McNabb threw a fade into the back of the end zone for Baskett. It was a play that had some success last season. On this occasion, there was good coverage on the play and Baskett couldn't come up with it.

"There is no concern whatsoever," Baskett said when asked about the red zone efficiency. "We're going to patch those things up and get things going. Tonight was the last night for the starters to get out there and yes we've got some things to finish up before the season gets going. But it's good we got it out of the way now. It's going to be ready by opening day."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:45 a.m., August 28

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