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Barwin Thanks Teammates For Pro Bowl Nod


With Cody Parkey's addition to the Pro Bowl roster on Monday, nine Eagles have been selected to the NFL's all-star game ...

Linebacker Connor Barwin has had a career year, leading the Eagles with 14.5 sacks and asserting himself as a leader of the Eagles' ferocious front seven.

On Tuesday, Barwin's success was rewarded with the first Pro Bowl selection of his career.

"I think it's a huge honor," Barwin said Tuesday. "It's special because of the recognition from your peers, the coaches and the fans."

Barwin gave a big amount of the credit for his success this year to his teammates.

"I'm just fortunate to play in the defense that I play in and to play with the guys I play with," Barwin explained. "That is what allowed me to have the success that I had this year."

Here is more about Barwin and a unique story from his childhood ...


With nearly 70,000 fans cheering the Eagles on to victory, Lincoln Financial Field can get loud. Oh, I'm sorry, LOUD! Decibel levels reach triple digits making it hard at times to have a conversation with the person you're standing next to. The players on the field thrive off of the emotion as they wave their arms in the air the way a conductor leads an orchestra. There are times when players state that they are so focused they can hear nothing. Maybe that's true. But at one point in time that was certainly the case for linebacker Connor Barwin. He was born deaf.

"I never really talked about it because I felt like I was very lucky," said Barwin after a recent training session at the NovaCare Complex. "There are a lot of people who are born deaf who are still deaf. I can say I was born deaf, they put tubes in my ears and I got my hearing back. I had to go through a lot of major surgeries, but I was a kid. I didn't know any better. It really was never a problem, at least the way I look at it. I didn't want to talk about it because to talk to people who didn't get their hearing back, I always felt that I wasn't much of an example. I was very lucky."

The discovery of Barwin's hearing loss was even more fortunate. The youngest of four boys, Connor went with his mother, Margaret Bailey, to see a specialist. But 2-year-old Connor wasn't the reason for the visit. It was his brother, Sean, who had a severe ear ache. During the visit, the doctor picked up on the behavior of young Connor, who talked in a loud voice and grabbed at his mother's face. Those are telltale signs of deafness. Click here to read the rest of this feature.

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