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Barwin, Bergey Help With Eagles Forest


The Eagles and SCA Americas teamed up today to plant 300 trees in the Eagles Forest in Neshaminy State Park. Employees from both organizations were joined by Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin and former Eagles great Bill Bergey. A group of roughly 75 volunteers headed into the Eagles Forest to plant a variety of trees, including Tulip Poplar, Black Cherry, Allegheny Redbud and Sweetgum.

"This was a nice event. I heard about it a couple days ago that they would be planting some trees on our day off and I said I'd be there for sure," said Barwin. "It's great to be aligned with an organization that is so progressive and aware of sustainability and those types of issues. It's something I grew up learning about and believing in. So it's great that the Eagles are conscious of that and do everything they can to help."

"It's always good to be able to give back to the community, especially when the team I played for, the Philadelphia Eagles, are so community-minded." said Bergey. "On behalf of SCA and the Eagles, we had a ton of volunteers. I enjoy this, it's actually the second time I've done it. It's all good stuff, and this is really what life is all about – giving back to the community."

This marked the third tree-planting event that SCA Americas and the Eagles have conducted in the Eagles Forest. The first trees were planted in 2006 and more in 2008.

"We have a really deep commitment to sustainability, along with the Eagles, who share that partnership with us," said Diane Engler, SCA America's Communications Director, North America. "When you think about the trees we've planted in the Eagles Forest, which is around 300 today and 1,000 over the years—over time, that helps the Eagles offset their carbon output for when they travel to games, for example. As a partner with the Eagles, that's our shared commitment. This is something we do to take action every day to support the environment."

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