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Andrew Sendejo is not sentimental about facing former team

Ask any of the Eagles' defensive coaches about safety Andrew Sendejo and they will waste little time raving about the value the nine-year veteran brings to the team.

For example: "I love the way he plays. He's a physical guy that plays fast. He makes a lot of plays. He's very active," safeties coach Tim Hauck once said about Sendejo.

Another example: "Andrew Sendejo plays with his hair on fire. He is full speed all the time, if you haven't noticed yet," defensive backs coach Cory Undlin added.

But Sendejo's value will be measured in a different way this week, as on top of his normal defensive back and special teams duties, he has been tasked with providing some intel on his former team and the Eagles' next opponent, the Minnesota Vikings.

"He knows the calls," offensive coordinator Mike Groh said to the media Tuesday. "They played against us before, so you just – he's in our system now defensively, so it's not as fresh to him, but there are some things here and there that he might remember."

Sendejo spent eight of his nine NFL seasons with the Vikings, five of which playing in head coach Mike Zimmer's vaunted defensive scheme. On a conference call with Philadelphia media Wednesday, Zimmer was well aware that Sendejo could be providing some tidbits to Groh and the Eagles.

"I'm sure he's singing like a canary," Zimmer said.

"(He) knows (the defense) as good as anybody," Zimmer later said. "He's very smart, so we'll make adjustments."

Sendejo may have divulged some of what he knows of Zimmer's scheme to the coaches and players on his current team but said the mentality he will have going up against his old team will be the same as every other week: "Go out there to win."

"You shouldn't be more up for a game than another game," Sendejo said. "Every (game) should get equal treatment. That's how I play it."

Sendejo is not naive to think that his knowledge of Zimmer's scheme alone will carry the Eagles' offense to success in Minneapolis. He knows that it will still come down to film study during the week and execution on Sunday.

Without either one of those, Sendejo's intel would be fruitless.

"I think knowing their personalities could help you, but ultimately still, you're basing it on what you see on tape," Sendejo said. "You're not going to go base it off of something that's happened to me in the past in practice or something. You're still going to face what you see on tape."

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