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Akers On His Game Already

It isn't exactly how David Akers wants to tune up for the regular season, but the results are perfect nontheless. Akers has nailed all eight of his preseason field goal attempts, and the combination of snapper Jon Dorenbos, holder Sav Rocca and Akers is in Pro Bowl form long before the leaves turn in this part of the NFL.

"Well, we all want touchdowns and not field goals, so I'm not exactly excited to have the opportunities so early, but things are going well for our field-goal group," he said. "Everything has been right on starting with the way we're being coached to the execution of the kick. It's like a golfer who is in his swing groove. That's the way I feel right now."

Akers has kicked field goals of up to 60 yards in training camp, and while his maximum distance is probably 5 to 7 yards less -- the league uses special kicking balls in games, which lack the distance of the broken-in balls used in practice -- Akers is as good as he has ever been.

And all he's ever been in the best placekicker in franchise history and one of the best in the modern era of the league.

"I feel good, strong and really confident," said Akers. "We are in a good rhythm and it's really a credit to everyone around me."

*-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 5:51 p.m., August 21 *

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