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Waiting For The 2012 Schedule ...

In the meantime, well, 7 p.m. can't arrive quickly enough. Until then, though, let's kill some time with Eagles chatter, for whatever it is worth ...

  • I honestly prefer starting the season on the road and ending it at home. The Eagles opened with a win in St. Louis last year and finished with a win over Washington here. What happened between those games was the rough stretch, of course. The Eagles must find a way to start the season well, build some momentum, and not have to dig out late in the season. I wonder if Andy Reid is going to approach training camp differently.
  • Great turnout for the offseason conditioning program. I think I've seen just about everyone so far, and I won't mention those I haven't seen because that would unfairly suggest that those players aren't here. I can say that I have seen every player on the roster over the course of the last couple of weeks, so the players are getting their work in.
  • All is quiet on the free-agent front. If I am an unsigned player, and there are more than 200 veterans out there, then I'm doing everything I can this week to get a deal done with teams. No way do I want to wait until after the draft, or wait until there is an injury in training camp.
  • Nothing to report on the Yeremiah Bell front. The Eagles reportedly showed interest in the former Miami Dolphin, but there hasn't been a whisper in the last week. That doesn't mean much, as we know how the Eagles move in such hushed ways.
  • Impressions from seeing Brandon Graham and talking to him: He's off on the right foot for 2012. That he lost anywhere from 15-20 pounds and reported to the conditioning program in great shape doesn't mean he is going to be a Pro Bowl defensive end this season. It does mean that he approached the offseason the right way, that he understands he has to get back in the good graces of this coaching staff and that he wants to excel on the football field. We take it day by day from here.
  • Trent Edwards is a huge quarterback. He says he feels good and that his shoulder injuries are in the past, and that's a good thing. Physically, he looks big and strong, as big as any quarterback I've seen here. Does he have a roster spot guaranteed here? No, sir. The Eagles could very well address the position in the draft. You've read all of the speculation. I am just saying that Edwards passes the eyeball test.
  • If there is one position that I would be surprised to see the Eagles address, it would be defensive end. With Graham, Phillip Hunt and Darryl Tapp backing up Trent Cole and Jason Babin, the Eagles are in pretty darn good shape there. I don't think they would pass on someone who just jumped off their draft board, but the position is very well stocked.
  • Going to be interesting to see where the Eagles-Saints game falls in the schedule. Obviously, the Saints are in an unusual situation and they could be short-handed with players -- along with the coaching staff -- in the first half of the year. Would Eagles-Saints in prime time make for a great opener? One thing I don't want is a Monday night game followed by a game against either the Cowboys or Giants, both of whom will have had 11 days off after their Wednesday night opening game.
  • If I had to guess a position for the first-round draft pick, I would say defensive tackle because the mock drafts all suggest that a strong defensive tackle will be there at 15. But knowing the Eagles, I know that I have no idea.
  • Still waiting for the Eagles to add a punter to challenge Chas Henry. The kid has a great future, but he needs competition in training camp. My guess is that the Eagles sign a veteran closer to camp to come in and compete. I'm not sure signing a rookie after the draft provides enough of a threat to Henry to bring out the best in him.
  • Seems like the health front is good, with Jason Peters as the obvious exception. Colt Anderson is in great spirits and should be ready for training camp without any complications. Jamar Chaney has been here throughout the offseason after having neck surgery. He is good to go. Anybody else a concern?
  • Not that this is an exact science, because we are just eyeballing now, but I would say that Antonio Dixon is in fantastic shape. I won't guess his weight, but he looks to have shed big-time pounds and understands that he got too heavy last season. Defensive line coach Jim Washburn wants quickness off the ball and up the field and I know Washburn thinks Dixon can be a really good player. Imagine what a much-improved Dixon would mean to this defensive line.
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