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Veteran Diary: Austin Joins The Good Side


In the first edition of the Veteran Player Diary, wide receiver Miles Austin details a day in the life of an Eagles player during Training Camp as well as adjusting to a new team ...

We all have pretty similar days with meetings and everything. I get up around 7 AM and end the day around 6:30 or so in the evening. We have team meetings, practice, meals all that kind of stuff throughout the day. I personally really learn during our meetings when we go over a lot of technique. It allows you to correct a lot of the mistakes you've made. You speak about angles, about what you thought about when you were in this position or that position. I think it's helpful to watch other people run plays too because you can learn from them, but you can also learn what they were thinking about and whether it worked or didn't work, what might work for you and what might not work for you. So, I think the overall aspect of film study is really important.

Working with all these rookies is a lot of fun too. Like in film, I do my best to tell them what releases have worked for me in the past. But, I'm also learning from them every day we're out here. I think the vets and rookies give and take it back and forth. We all work great together as a unit. We learn from each other's successes and also our mistakes, which helps make us a stronger group.

It's my first year in Philadelphia, but I love it already. I really love it. I'm from New Jersey, so being back in the area and relatively close to my friends and family is great. I'm really enjoying the fans too. There have been so many people coming out to watch us, and whenever there are fans here, things tend to get a little bit more intense. The competition picks up a little bit. No one wants to look bad in front of the fans, including myself! I can't wait to get out there at Lincoln Financial Field and play a game in front of the fans.

It's also pretty exciting for me to be on this side of the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry. It's obviously early, and I haven't experienced a game yet here, but it feels great. This is a great team. The guys work so hard every single day. The coaches always give their all too. I'm fortunate to be a part of something this special, and I'm looking forward to us all bringing it together collectively as a team and doing something really special this season. !

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