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Third-Round Pick Bennie Logan

On what the Eagles said to him about how he would fit into the defense: "The Eagles, when I met with them at the combine, it was like I was versatile. I could play the nose, the three-technique, the one-technique or even defensive end. That was interesting to me because I could play more than one position on the d-line."

On whether he prefers one position on the defensive line to the others: "I prefer inside, but whatever the Eagles are asking me to do, whatever new position they're asking me to play, I'm willing to learn the position and just play. I just want to contribute to the team whatever way I can."

On whether he expected to be picked higher: "I was thinking that but once I got drafted (I didn't worry about it). I am just very blessed to be drafted."

On how he thinks he played in the game against Oregon: "I played (well) against Oregon. That was my first-career college start. I was a little nervous at first but once the first snap was over with I was just relaxed and ready to compete. I did a real good job of starting my first-career game against Oregon and coach Chip Kelly."

On what he thought of Oregon's up-tempo offense and whether it was tiring: "We understood it was going to present us a challenge so we started preparing in the spring with extra conditioning and practicing against high-speed offense against the scout team. Even in the summer time during camp, we did conditioning stuff to help prepare for the high-speed tempo of the Oregon game. So it was easy because we had already prepared for it and had basically seen everything they were going to throw at us. Once the game kicked off, they tried to run up tempo but we already knew what to expect."

On whether Kelly mentioned that game to him in their meeting at the combine: "Yeah, it was crazy. I saw coach Chip and was like, 'Hey I remember you from Oregon' and (he said) 'Yeah, I remember you from when we played you also.' It was just like a moment of (being) reunited. We both remembered each other. He already had information on me from the time we played. That's what kind of gave me an advantage over most people because he already had film on me and actually saw me play in real life."

On wearing the number 18 at LSU: "The number 18 is a great thing that is given to a player who displays great leadership on and off the field. (Guys who have) great character, handle their business and go to class, don't cause any problems or anything like that. It's voted on by the coaching staff, the equipment staff and the training room staff. So if you have friends on the football team, they can't vote for you because they like you. It's strictly given to you by (the coaching staff)."

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