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I'm a sports fan, and Thursday was a sports fan's night. I love the NBA, so I flipped around the Internet dial to see what was going on, see what my Sixers were doing ... tuning in as a fan, and as a critic of Internet coverage. I came away disappointed by it all, and I learned so much in the process: I'm here to give Eagles fans the ultimate outlet, and as the entire organization pauses for a week to catch its collective breath, I want to know how we're doing here at

I'm demanding, because I know you demand so much from us. I can't control whether the Eagles win on game days, but I can control if you have a pleasurable experience on this web site. So I went out on the prowl on Thursday night, putting myself in your shoes, wanting it all. And then some.

And what I wanted was instant analysis. Not really there. A one-paragraph deal on and some local dribs and drabs, but not enough. I wanted to go inside the Sixers draft, and I didn't have that opportunity online. No live video. No feedback from the fans, other than comment boards. Nothing instant from the front office. It reminds me how much we provide by being live on draft weekend and that all of those hours Merrill Reese and I worked late on that April weekend was well worth it.

It was a fan moment for me, and I am using it to solicit some advice from you, the great readers here. We're about to dig in for training camp and the coverage from Lehigh University. We are live so much of the time every day with practice video, press conferences, live interviews, fan interaction ... what more do you want? That's really the question here: What else can we provide to you for your enjoyment following the Eagles starting in training camp and extending through the season?

Understand here that the point of this brief piece is not to criticize others. I understand that resources are limited in the media world. I appreciate the fact that Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner and Andy Reid and Co. give the wide berth we have. Whatever the team's record, or the economic times, or the challenges on the road, the Eagles front office values the opportunity to give access to the fans to follow the team on a daily basis.

I think we're good at what we do. I think we can be better by having you give us suggestions on how we can best augment the coverage. I know you tune in every day. I know you watch the video and read the stories and comment below and elsewhere. I know you like the show. Our numbers tell us you enjoy being here for very long periods of your day. Our recognition from our peers has been rewarding and appreciated over the years.

But what matters most is that you take a moment to think about what you want from us in the days and weeks and months ahead. Let me know, and enjoy the weekend. The Eagles have closed up shop for the next week, a reward to employees who work through Labor Day and Thanksgiving and Christmas many years. I'm going to rest. I want you to think, and to help our staff make this a better web site.

Thanks. Time is yours ...

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