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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On who will be the kick returner Sunday: "If (S) Quintin Demps is able to play this week he'll be our returner. If he's not able to play (S Macho) Harris will be our returner."

On whether Harris is expected to play: "As we look at it right now we expect him to play this week."

On whether WR Jeremy Maclin will be Harris' backup: "Yes."

On what he thinks has been keeping Maclin from being more successful at kick returns: "There's a lot involved in a kickoff return. You can't always just look to say the returner is the guy at fault if something is going wrong. I don't think that we blocked as well for Jeremy this week. I give San Diego credit, they did a nice job of covering, but as the game went on our guys did a better job of blocking and creating some seams. (Macho) came on in the end and we were starting to do a good job at the end of the game."

On what he likes about Harris as a kick returner: "I like (Macho). He's very aggressive. He hits it up in there north and south, very decisive with the ball in his hands. He has some toughness. He has a good feel on how to run the ball."

On the team being low statistically at kick returns: "Statistically we may be down there, but if you're an opponent playing us I think you need prepare very hard to play our kickoff return unit and our return game. We have some excellent returners. I think the penalties have played a role. Obviously we would be ranked much higher if those things weren't involved. We're making progress. Are we where I'd like us to be right now? No, but I think we're going in the right direction."

On Harris fitting into the blocking scheme better than Maclin: "He is a north-south runner which is basically what we're looking for in our kickoff return guys. I think Jeremy has potential to be a good returner and if we did a little better job blocking I think he would get the same results."

On the challenge Bears WR Devin Hester presents as a return man: "We have tremendous respect for Devin Hester. I've watched him over the last several years; he's obviously as good a punt returner as there has ever been in my opinion. We have to do a good job of being disciplined, staying in our lanes and executing because if you have any problems at all with your coverage, he'll exploit it."

On whether Hester returns the ball less now that he has become more of an offensive weapon for the Bears: "I think when a guy becomes a starter like Devin Hester is now a starter, and from what I understand one of their leading receivers, it's hard to do everything. It's hard to be a starting receiver. He's not involved in the kickoff return role hardly at all anymore. He is a great punt returner and you just have to put him back there. I think that's had something to do with their decisions."

On the year P Sav Rocca has had thus far: "I think he's done a good job. I think he's improving. I think he's getting better. Sav has done everything we've asked him to do as far as punting the ball where we want it punted. His net punt right now is 38.7. That would be a franchise record here for the Eagles and that to me is the bottom line. That's the only thing that matters to me is what the net punt is at the end of the play. He's done a good job from that perspective. Has he gone out there and tried to hit the ball as hard as he can every time? No and that's not what we want either. If you do that then you're going to give some very good returners an opportunity to return the ball a lot."

On the difficulties Soldier Field presents for kickers: "Yes it does. I have a lot of background there. I've lived there, been there a lot of times. It's right on the lake. The wind comes off of the lake. It's a very difficult place to kick on certain nights. I don't know what the weather is going to be like; we have to be prepared for it. Dave is experienced and he's been through a lot of situations so I don't think that will affect him much and we just have to see what the weather is going to be like and adjust and adapt when we get there."

On whether the weather will change the pregame routine: "You have to be aware pregame. You have to go out and get a feel for every stadium, even in ours. Where's the wind blowing? What's the weather like? All of those things are factors that you do and you have to take care of before every game."

On whether Maclin made the wrong decision fielding a punt at the 5-yard line against San Diego: "Yes, a young returner, he's back there, lost sight of where he was at on the field, drifted back, caught the ball when he should have just let it go. Learning experience, worked on it yesterday, we'll work on it again today, and we'll work on it constantly. He just has to have a better awareness of where you're at on the field. Where you're initially aligned has a lot to do with how much depth you can get before you get in a situation, you just have to let the ball go."

On whether K David Akers is in the best groove he's ever seen him in:"Dave is doing a great job for us. He really has been consistent. All those long kicks and everything that he's made this year is a credit to him. We just have to make sure he sustains what he's doing right now."

On who will be the other gunner along with CB Dimitri Patterson:"There's a variety of people. There's (CB) Ramzee Robinson, (WR) Reggie Brown, I have hopes that Quintin Demps can play in this game, and if he does he'll be out there. There could be three or four different guys out there, but whoever shows up out there and whoever lines up for us we expect them to do a good job."

On CB Ramzee Robinson doing well on special teams in his first game: "He did a nice job for a guy that was only here for a couple of days before the game, stepped in and played well."

On whether Demps could be returning kickoffs: "If he's healthy and he's playing he will be the kickoff returner."

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