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Special Teams Coordinator Rory Segrest

On WR DeSean Jackson's punt return for negative yards last week: "It's a learning experience for him. We have to make sure we're learning from our mistakes and making sure he is getting the ball up the field. DeSean is a guy who is obviously just trying to make a big play for us. He has the ability to do so, but at the same time we have to understand the situation of the game and make sure we are smart on our decisions there."

On coaching a player who has the natural ability to break big punts: "There is a fine line there, in trying to tell him what to do, specifically, and letting him utilize his ability to make plays there. I think it's just more of an understanding of the situation and realizing that on a pooch punt, one of our main goals is making sure they don't pin us inside our own 10-yard line. I think we caught the ball right around the 14 there. So, with the goal already being established, just taking the ball and getting upfield from that point. Again, it's just a learning curve and hopefully he will improve each week."

On whether scheme had anything to do with the negative return: "I don't think it's necessarily the scheme. I think the blocking is there, but again it is trying to make a big play, as opposed to understanding where he is in the game and what we are trying to get accomplished there."

On Seahawks KR Josh Wilson: "Josh has great speed. He is a dangerous threat and he breaks a lot of tackles. For a smaller guy, he is pretty impressive when you see guys bounce off him and he continues to get extra yardage after first contact. He is definitely a dangerous threat. (PR Justin) Forsett is a great returner back there, as well. He's really quick and shifty. He has the ability to break some tackles, as well."

On what he has seen from Forsett: "You never can really tell what a guy has until you see him live in the NFL. He has had several opportunities there as a returner. We have gotten good evaluation of him at the NFL with the speed and things we are going to see. We feel like he's a great returner back there and obviously will have to be solid in all phases to make sure we get down there and cover well."

On LB Tracy White: "Tracy did well. He has a lot of speed. He understands the game and he understands how to play off of blocks. Coverage-wise, understanding how to read the overall scheme and finish on the football. He is a great athlete in space, as far as getting on and making blocks."

On whether there is anything they focus on, knowing it is going to rain during the Seahawks game: "The main thing is just ball security. With fielding punts, fielding kickoffs, the snap, the hold, operational field goals, that sort of thing. We have been fortunate enough to have some days where we've had a little bit of rain during training camp and days where we've been able to get some wet-ball simulation. I feel like we're in pretty good shape, as far as that goes. Again, it's jut one of those deals where you have to make good decisions out there on game day."

On P Sav Rocca's struggles last week: "I think Sav just got away from his technique a little bit. I think he was trying to over-kick the ball and got a little bit long in his approach. It's one of those deals where he has made a lot of progress up until this point. He kind of regressed a little bit last week, but I think after watching the film and getting a better understanding, (if he) just continues to work his base techniques, he is going to be very successful there. We have to make sure we get that ironed out for this week."

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