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Special Teams Coordinator Rory Segrest

On whether he thinks they have a better special teams unit than they did the first time they played Dallas: "We also have some areas we need to improve in, but we've definitely gotten a lot more solid in our coverage phases, particularly the kick return and our kickoff coverage. We've got some guys that understand the fits and are just playing with great effort down there. Our guys are doing a great job in that area and we've made a lot of progress."

On what Dallas' special teams looks like: "They're a solid unit. They've got a lot of great core players there, they've got great returners. They've got a lot of different guys they can use back there with different styles in the return game. So, as usual, we've got a great challenge for us and we've got to make sure we're ready for it."

On how important field position will be in this game considering that it had a huge impact in the loss to the Redskins:"In every game, field position is always very important. We were in a situation there where they continued to run some pooch punts on us. They punted most of their balls around the 50-yard line, and it's very difficult to set up a return from that point, and we didn't do a good enough job on our punt game, as far as turning the field back over. We kept punting backed up, and never could really turn the field over there. So, every game field position is very important and we've got to make sure that we're punting the ball well and we're trying to get some returns set up."

On how punter Sav Rocca has looked in some of the late-season cold weather games: "He's struggled on a couple of things here and there, just technically. It's one of those deals where he started the season real strong and had a lot better weather conditions. Anytime you get to warmer weather and less wind, you're going to get more consistent punts on things. So, he's had to adjust some things, as far as his technique, and we really worked it this week and felt like we made a little bit of improvement there. But, that's one area where we'd really like to make some progress."

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