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S Patrick Chung and CB Bradley Fletcher



BRADLEY FLETCHER:  It's good to be here, to be an Eagle, and ready to get going here shortly.  It's going to be a lot of fun, and we'll be working hard.

PATRICK CHUNG: My name's Patrick Chung, and I'm bleeding green, baby.  Happy to be here, man.  You know, happy to have my new teammates, new families, new brothers.  Let's get this going.

Q.  Why was this the right fit for the both of you?

BRADLEY FLETCHER:  "To play for an organization such as the Eagles, I know Patrick feels the same way, kind of dreaming to play for another team, to have this opportunity to come here and play for this team, to play for this division and work hard, couldn't ask for anything more."

PATRICK CHUNG:  "Yep, I feel the same way.  It feels good to come back to my college coach, too.  I always wanted to be a duck, I guess.  I'm happy to be here, great organization, great city, and I've only been here for a day, so it's awesome."

Q.  How much did you interact with Chip when you were there?  How well did you know him?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "Well, yeah, he was my coach.  You have to interact with your coach a lot.  He's very intense, very smart, very passionate about what he does.  I feel Fletcher, and me, and the rest of the team are going to feed off of that.  He's a very good guy, and a very good coach."

Q.  Patrick, is this where you wanted to go when you found out Chip Kelly become the new Eagles head coach?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "Yeah, of course.  It's a business.  It's a business, but I wanted to come here.  I talked to my agent about it, my family about it.  To be comfortable and just come into a new place where you can be comfortable and be trusted and come out here and just play.  Have my new bro's here.  It's a fresh start, and we're ready to go."

Q.  Bradley, or either one of you, really, you're walking into a defense that's pretty much being rebuilt.  They signed two more guys today.  It looks like they're going to have some different linebackers and maybe a little different front three.  What are your thoughts about playing for basically a brand new defense?

BRADLEY FLETCHER:  "Oh, it's a great opportunity, great opportunity to play with a bunch of new guys.  All there to help the team win games.  All of the new competition that we're going to be faced with during the season and things like that, we're all looking forward to it and enjoying it."

Q.  Patrick, what was it like in New England playing for a coach like Belichick who is considered one of the great defensive geniuses?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "It was good.  I learned a lot from him.  Learned a lot about football and being a man.  Thank you very much for that.  And bring it to another team, bring it somewhere else, and hopefully I can help out as much as I can with the team, and do what I can to help the team."

Q.  Patrick, were you aware of the Eagles' struggles at safety last year?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "No, we have to worry about our thing.  When I was in New England, we worried about our locker room and our team.  We weren't too worried about what was going on around the league unless we were playing them."

Q.  Bradley, when you talked to Chip Kelly and you go through this process, what's it say about what they want out of the cornerback position?

BRADLEY FLETCHER:  "At the cornerback position, we're going to be there to do our job.  To make sure we cover the passes and make sure we do our job and make the guys up front do theirs.  So that's going to be our objective in the back game."

Q.  Knowing that you played under Pat Shurmur in St. Louis, did his return to Philadelphia impact your decision at all?

BRADLEY FLETCHER:  "Yeah, Pat's a great guy.  I've known him while I was in St. Louis during my time there, and I'm thrilled to be able to keep our relationship going as I've been able to come here and get to see him on a daily basis again."

Q.  The Eagles the past few years have brought in some big names and the chemistry was a big issue.  Here they're doing the same thing.  As secondary guys, how difficult will it be for guys from other areas to gel and become one?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "I think you make it as hard as you want to, man.  I think the guys that Coach is going to bring in here, they'll be ready to work and learn.  We'll be in the same room, reading the same things, reading the same book.  It will be as hard as you want it to be.  We have to gel together, new brothers, and just get this going and start working.

BRADLEY FLETCHER:  "Yeah, with all the additions that are coming in, we'll all be" able to come in here and gel.  I think things are going to click real fast and we'll get things going in a hurry and be able to be all on the same page.  So I'm really excited and we're all going to hit it hard."

Q.  Patrick, going back to you.  Playing in the league all those years, you're obviously used to winning.  But there is a lot over the last couple years that hasn't gone well.  So how much of that are you going to bring here?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "Can't worry about the past.  This is a whole new season, a whole new staff, bunch of new players.  So we can't worry about the past.  Can't live like that."

Q.  Patrick, you've always embraced special teams. Why have you been such a good player on special teams?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "It's just fun.  It's like a 40 yard fist fight.  It's just fun.  The more you can do for the team, the more you can help the team, the better the team will be."

Q.  Did you discuss whether you'll be involved in special teams here?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "I'm going to do whatever Coach wants me to.  If Coach wants me to grab water for him, I'll grab water for him.  So whatever he needs us to do, man, we're going to do it.  We'll do it full speed and do it hard."

Q.  Patrick, since Brian Dawkins left, the team has lacked a safety who intimidates people and who can come across the middle.  Can you play that way?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "I'm going to turn the switch on like yes, I can.  But I'm going to be humble about it.  I'm going to be very humble.  We all can.  We have a talented team of safeties and everybody's talented about how much you execute and how much you put into it.  So we'll be fine.  Everybody will be fine."

Q.  Do you have a preference, right side, left side?

BRADLEY FLETCHER: "I can play either side.  I've been playing either side.  And whatever side I get lined up on, that's where I'll be."

Q.  You and Cary Williams, who was just signed, are known for being physical guys and good tacklers at your position.  Can you sense that this is what the team is now looking for?

BRADLEY FLETCHER:  "Yeah, we'll be running down, and covering and being aggressive, and making plays.  I think the addition of Kenny Phillips and Cary Williams is going to be really great for us.  We're all going to be competing to make this team better."

Q.  Do you know Cary at all?


Q.  How tough is it going to be to form chemistry with all new parts?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "Like I said, it's as hard as you want it to be.  If you want to make the transition easy, it's like a rookie coming in.  You make it as hard as you want to.  If you want to come in and slack, it's going to make it really hard.  If you want to come in, ready, study, do what you have to do, you'll be fine.  But I think Coach is going to make sure that happens, and the players around him will make sure they're buying into that."

Q.  Do you guys feel like you have something to prove?  I know you were coming off an injury.  Same with you, I guess.  Do you kind of feel like even though you signed a free agent contract that you have something to prove out there?

BRADLEY FLETCHER:  "Every year is a new year.  Every year as a player you have to prove yourself.  And no matter what situation you're in, every year you have to go put it out there, show your effort, show and help the team win.  That's what we're all here to do as Eagles."

Q.  Patrick, did you meet your expectations as a player last season?  What other areas do you feel like you need to improve on going forward?

PATRICK CHUNG:  "Everything.  You have to be able to improve on everything.  If you're good at something, you can be great.  If you suck at something, you can be good.  So whatever kind of player you want to be.  If you want to be an average player, you can be average.  If you want to be a legend, you're going to work at whatever you need to work at."

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