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S Coleman, QB Vick, S Harris, LB Fokou, DE Egboh

QB Michael Vick

On how he feels following tonight's game: "I feel like I'm back. I felt good out there. I wish we could have put the ball into the end zone. I probably could have made a better throw to (WR) Riley (Cooper). There were some other things that needed to happen within the play, but I felt good."

On what he wanted to work on most tonight: "I just wanted to come out and redeem myself from the Cincinnati game. I know that was a tough game for the entire second team. We wanted to get off to a fast start and at least put seven points on the board and get two or three good drives in before we were taken out."

On how it feels to have a full training camp, unlike last year: "It's phenomenal to have a full camp under my belt. Like I said, I was able to go through the entire camp and get an assessment of where I felt physically and mentally. I felt like I was 25-years old again, even though that's not the case. I feel good."

On whether he felt like he got enough snaps tonight: "I felt like I got done what I needed to get done. I played with confidence, threw the ball strong and was going all the right places. I was letting my vision work for me. I was confident in my play. I felt like I did enough. I would have probably continued to do the same thing I did when I was out there."

On whether he feels prepared enough to play if he did have to go in during the regular season: "That is why I am the backup. That is why I am here. If something happens, I feel like I can step in. I have played this game for a long time and I have started a lot of games in this league. So, I know how to prepare, study and get myself ready to play good football games. It's easy. It's only hard if you make it."

On how his legs feel, compared to how they did last year: "They feel great and (the coaches) see the difference too. Last year my legs were heavy and everybody knows the situation and circumstances. I was just getting up off the couch and coming to the football field. That is hard to do, even as the athlete I thought I was last year. In the past, I still couldn't do it. That's hard for anybody to do."

S Macho Harris

* On how difficult it was to get back in the rhythm of a live game after missing the first three preseason games*
: "It's something difficult, because after not being out there and other people are out there picking up their speed with running and stuff like that. When you take time off and come back it's like a shot. This is our line of duty. We get paid for this, we're doing our job and just have fun with it."

On whether he thought he was on the bubble and if he had to come out of tonight's game with a strong performance: "I don't know. In wasn't sure of that at all. You're job is always up for grabs. Every day you can't feel content. You always have to go out there and prove yourself and earn the job. You can never feel content on this level of football."

On locker mate S Kurt Coleman recovering two fumbles for touchdowns: "He played a heck of a game. Young guys are stepping in. His technique on the scoop and score was on point. He deserved that, he played ball and he did what he was coached to do."

On what this time of year is like for an NFL player waiting to hear the final roster cuts: "You have to wait and hear for what's next from the coaches. You can't put it into words. You can't control it at all and you can't get stressed out about the stuff you can't control. You just leave it in God's hands and keep it clear."

LB Moise Fokou

On whether if feels like he did everything he wanted to in order to prove himself to his coaches tonight: "I think the coaches always knew I had it in me. Today they just put me out there and let me loose. I think they always knew what I had, and at the same time I hadn't played too much in the earlier games so, it was 'go out there, do your thing Moise'."

* On if he thinks he fits in with the Eagles defensive system*
: "I think I fit in this system. Still at the same linebacker position and wherever they need me to be. I think I fit in this system pretty well though."

On whether he's able to get into a better rhythm after getting extended play: "Definitely. It's a lot easier instead of coming in, coming out every couple downs. The longer you're put there, the better acclimated you get to the game."

S Kurt Coleman

On his two fumble recoveries that he returned for touchdowns: "That has never happened. Those were just two beautiful balls to pick up and run for the touchdown."

On his first touchdown that resulted on a scoop-and-score: "(Laughing) The funny thing about it is, we just worked on scooping and scoring two days before, so I just got a little scoop high-end and just ran."

On how he felt when he realized Jets QB Mark Brunell was chasing him on his route to the endzone after his first fumble recovery: "As soon as I saw it was him, I kind of just coasted off and relaxed a little bit. If he had gotten close, I would have turned it on."

On how he feels tonight's performance will help him with earning a roster spot: "I'm just blessed and fortunate to be in a position to make those plays."

DE Pannel Egboh

On whether one game was enough for the team to see what he is about: "I am just grateful for the opportunity. I got cut on Sunday and didn't get to play much in the preseason. I thank (head coach Andy Reid) for giving me this opportunity and I am going to take advantage of it to the fullest."

On whether he has a sense of the defensive schemes: "I have a little sense. We ran a 4-3 in Houston, so I did know a little bit. There was a lot of cramming in the last 24-hours."

On how many snaps he thinks he took tonight: "Quite a few snaps. I played the whole second half. I probably had about 40 snaps. We were out there a lot."

On what the next few days will be like for him: "If everything works out, I am going to hit that playbook even harder and give it my all, just like I did tonight."

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