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RB McCoy, WR Jackson, G Watkins

RB LeSean McCoy

On how it feels to have his contract situation settled going into training camp: "It feels the same as last year coming to camp ready to play, ready to jell as a team, and get ready for the season. I am happy that the contract situation didn't get blown out of proportion. Both parties, both sides want to get a job done and did that. Now we are here, so no distractions at all."

On how it feels to be recognized as one of the premiere running backs in the NFL: "I think it is something that each player wants. You want to be known as a good player around the league. I think guys are gunning for you and that's cool. In this game and in this league you are here to compete. The biggest thing is competing. I have a good team and a good supporting cast around me so it is really hard to just focus in on me. I think that's kind of the luxury I do have playing with the Eagles. We have so many different talents on offense so it's difficult to pick out one player."

On the Eagles intentions of scaling his workload back: "I think what makes guys special is that there are certain guys that can put numbers up without that amount of touches. It has been done before. I can name a ton of (running backs). I remember when (Kansas City Chiefs running back) Jamaal Charles was healthy. He was one of the guys that was putting numbers up with fewer carries than a lot of other backs. I don't think it is a matter of touching the ball a lot to get the yards. It's about the matchups. I think this year the coaches will try to match me up more with the advantage on our side so it will work out better for me. I think he talks about cutting the reps down like that. I think that will help me out more. Fewer touches and still be as fresh late in the game."

On what has changed from his first training camp until now: "My rookie year I came in not expecting all the attention. I did not know what to expect. Now I am here and am looked at more as a leader to the younger guys and teammates. There are certain guys around the locker room that you point out and can count on that person to do his job and can be held accountable. I think now I have that role."

WR DeSean Jackson

On how he feels coming back to training camp: "It just brings back a lot of memories. First day of training camp and we have to report. Jitters are coming back. I am just ready to get back out on the field. This offseason has been great for me and for the team. It is going to be an early start and I am just happy to be back. I am just excited."

On what he remembers about training camp as a rookie: "The first time I came here I remember being introduced by Brian Dawkins. Being introduced by him it became real and I was thinking, 'ah man!' It was a great person to introduce me and he welcomed me with opened arms. At the same time he told me what he expected out of me and things like that. Now going into my fifth year and being able to come in with a guy like him, (Brian Westbrook), and (Donovan McNabb), I now feel like I am one of the top guys right now at my position and on this team. Anything I can do to help motivate these guys to go out there and encourage them to be the best we can be and at the end of the year be the last team standing."

On whether his mind has ever been this clear coming into training camp: "It's clear right now and that's all I can really say. It's been a great offseason to get what I am now. I gained a little weight as well. I've been running track, running sprints, and even think I am running faster now. It's going to be a big year for us."
CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On whether it feels different coming to training camp this year compared to last season: "It is a little bit different. I drove in and I know my way a little bit. Everything is familiar and completely different. Last year was kind of a rush deal so it is good."

On what he remembers about the fans at training camp: "Just the fact that we had fans here was new to me. I had never been around a training camp where there were actually fans allowed to be there. But it is great. It kind of gives you a game type feeling and the competitiveness goes up a lot."

On whether he thinks he will take more of a leadership role this season: "The second year is completely different than the first year. Even for a rookie that is going into his second year from his rookie season. I think the biggest jump is those years. I think the comfort level will be much better as far as taking on that role and guys listening to you. You really want to know what you're doing before you step into that role."

G Danny Watkins

On how he knew what to improve on during the offseason: "I took the time off and was able to dissect the film a bit and look at what I really struggled with and what really worked. You meet half way in the middle and take the skills that you used to get really good at things and use those to work on the things that need work. It was good to be able to do that and to pull the all of the information apart, look at all of the film, and critique yourself. It was good."

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