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RB Brian Westbrook

On whether it was difficult for him to get into a rhythm as a running back when they started the game off throwing the ball against Seattle: "Yeah, it was tough. We saw some things on film that we tried to take advantage of, so we threw the ball a little bit earlier. And (head) coach (Andy Reid) got into the rhythm of throwing the ball a little bit, so it was tough for me to get my rhythm from a running standpoint, but we settled in. We did get some running plays in there, but early on in the game was tough."

On whether he prepares any differently if he knows they are going to start the game off passing: "I don't prepare any differently. I still go out and prepare; be able to run the ball whenever called upon, but coach has his different things that he's trying to take advantage of and different things that he's seen on tape, and so, he calls those pass plays."

On what type of opportunity the game against the Giants presents: "We are playing a very good team. I'm thinking that they are at the top of the division, and we're playing the team that has a very good defense in the World Champs, so it's a big opportunity for us to go out there. It's almost a statement game where we can go out there and prove some things to ourselves and to other people, that we are a team to be reckoned with. We have to approach this week just as that."

On what has to change on offense against the Giants this year: "They did a good job in those two games that we played against them (last year) with the blitz. I think they caught us off guard a little bit with some of the things that they did, and so, for us, we have to be conscious of those blitz packages. We have to do things a little bit better where we have to get them into a situation where they have to defend the run as well as the pass."

On whether he thinks that opposing teams having eight men in the box is a compliment to him especially with the receivers coming back healthy: "We had a pretty good week the week before against Atlanta running the ball, so the teams, they see those tapes, they see the different things that we were able to do, and they make adjustments and they try to stop that, so now we had the opportunity for our receivers to make some plays outside, as well as our tight ends. So, hopefully they'll try and make adjustments out there."

On how this team gets the attitude of "if we win this game, we'll get the season going": "The guys know. The guys feel it that we are in a three-game winning streak now, and we have to keep that going. I think the guys have been saying that as well, that this game is very important to getting to the point where we want to be at and accomplishing our goals. It's not another game for us, it's an opportunity for us to go out there and prove something again, just like every other game, but it has a little bit something extra to it."

On the Eagles being favored against the Giants: "I don't really pay too much attention to that, so that's something that people look at when they are betting and things like that. I think the truth is that we are a very good team, we're playing a very good team, and we're at home, so it's some type of advantage there hopefully."

On G Todd Herremans' touchdown: "He did a good job in practice of catching the ball. It looked in practice just the way it did in the game. Coach did a great job of drawing it up and getting us in the same personnel, actually the defensive look was exactly the way it was in practice, so Todd had some experience of doing that and it was great for him to finally catch it. The offensive line was happy and proud as well as everyone else on the team."

On whether there is something about the game against the Giants that gets him a little more pumped up than usual: "(It's) another division game, it's a conference division game. For me, I just go out there and try and give my best every single game whether it's the Giants or whoever else. There are certain situations, certain defenses that they play that allow me to get in the open, get in some open spaces and do some different things, but it's just another opportunity for me to get out there and make some plays and help this team win."

On whether the Giants is more of an intense rivalry than other teams in the division: "I don't think so. I think we play them tough. I think we have a dislike for them just like we have a dislike for Dallas as well as Washington."

On whether it was difficult to watch the Giants win the Super Bowl last year: "We didn't make it to the playoffs. We didn't make it to the position that we thought as though we should have because we didn't play well enough early on during the season. It wasn't difficult. It was disappointing that we let something slip away that we should have been a part of, speaking of the playoffs."

On what it means to him that Barack Obama was elected as president: "It means a lot. It means change. It's the first time that we have a black president and an opportunity for a lot of different things to happen in this country and hopefully that will happen."

On whether the Giants defense has gotten better from what they showed in the Super Bowl last year: "It seems like it. I think they are second or third in the league in total defense, so it seems like they have gotten better. It's tough to say without (DE) Osi (Umenyiora) and (former Giants DE Michael) Strahan being there that they have gotten better, but it seems like they're back in and playing better. Their cornerbacks and safeties and their defensive line is continuing to get pressure, and their linebackers are doing a great job of stopping the run as well as getting underneath the pass, too. So, it would be hard for me to imagine that they have gotten better with the loss of those two, but it seems that they have found a way to do it."

On whether he paid much attention to politics when he was growing up in Washington D.C.: "Not so much growing up. I think that in the last couple of years or so here I've paid more attention to it than I did growing up. It's kind of weird, my mother, she would always be watching the speeches and things like that, the debates, and I always wondered why. And it wasn't until recently that you really understand it more that it affects all of us in some way, and I think it means a lot to everyone to have some change coming up soon."

On why he paid more attention to politics this year than previous years: "I think part of it was because of Obama, but I think I probably paid more attention to it because I'm getting older. You start to see things a little bit differently. You start paying taxes and stuff like that. You start to pay attention to what is going on a little bit closer."

On the possibility of Obama raising taxes: "If we could find a way to lower taxes for everybody it would be great, but I think one of the things that Obama tried to mention is for the greater good and an opportunity for everybody to get better and to change and hopefully that will happen."

On whether he stayed up to watch all of the election last night: "I stayed up and watched almost all of it, and I got to about 11:45 p.m. and I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore, so I fell asleep actually waiting for his speech."

On whether guys on the team were talking about the results of the election this morning: "Yeah, different guys were talking about it. Different guys were still arguing their points both sides. It's an exciting time for Democrats as well as Republicans."

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