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RB Brian Westbrook

On whether his limited amount of touches against the Browns will help him recover in a short week: "I think it will save me up a little bit and allow me to be completely healthy and completely rested going into the game. (head) Coach (Andy Reid) usually does a good job of trying to get me rested and keep me ready for the next game."

On how much pressure it takes off of him when multiple receivers are making plays: "It took a lot of pressure off me. Those guys outside, (WR) Jason (Avant), it seems like every week it's somebody else who steps up. Jason, (WR) Greg (Lewis), (WR) Hank (Baskett), (WR) Kevin (Curtis), (WR) Reggie (Brown), those guys, as well as the tight ends, somebody is always stepping up and doing a great job for us. As a team, that takes a lot of pressure off of me, (QB) Donovan (McNabb) and everybody else. It just allows everybody to get the ball. When we play some of our best football is when different guys step up and make plays."

On whether he thinks anyone should have made the Pro Bowl but didn't: "I think we have a lot of good players on our team. I think as we continue to start off a little faster during the year, we'll get even more guys in the Pro Bowl. There are several different players who, I'm sure, probably could have made it but didn't."

On what the biggest difference is in their ability to convert third downs recently: "I think we've done a better job of keeping the defense off-balance, with the ability to run the ball, as well as pass on third down. When your third-and-to-go is a lot shorter than third-and-long, third-and-whatever, if you're third-and-three or third-and-four, you have that opportunity to run or pass. We've been doing a great job on first and second down to try to get that third down and manageable yardage."

On how important it is to get up on the Redskins early: "It's very important to go out there and try to jump on them early. Of course, they're going to come out of the tunnel excited. They're home and they want to make up for what happened last week out in Cincinnati. For us, we have to go down there and try to match their intensity early and go in there and win the game."

On whether it helps him recover during a short week having come out of the last game early: "No question, it definitely worked to my advantage coming out of the game early. I feel pretty good right now and coach is going to do a good job this week again of keeping me rested and keeping me ready for the game. He has done a good job in the last month and a half or two months. I wouldn't expect anything different."

On whether the team has a killer instinct this season that they didn't have earlier: "We are doing better at the end of games and that's what it takes to be a good team in the NFL. You have to finish games. That's the most important thing. You need to start fast, but if you don't finish strong, you're going to come up short at the end of some of those games."

On how different Christmas time is for him now compared to when he was a kid: "It changed a lot. We buy our presents now instead of receiving them, so that's probably the biggest thing (jokingly). It's tough because you're going to work that same day, but it's still fun. We still have an opportunity to give some presents. (FS Brian Dawkins and I) went to Children's Hospital and gave out presents the day before. It was just an opportunity to kind of share a little Christmas cheer."

On whether the receivers took it to heart when they were criticized during the offseason: "I think those guys are very prideful guys. They are going to go out there and work hard every single day. I've always felt that those guys, collectively, are a pretty good group of wide receivers. Across the board, they are guys who can get it done. They have proven that throughout the season. We have had a collection of guys who have had 100-yard games and big games throughout the season. We expect big things from those guys and they have actually produced this year."

On whether he expected WR DeSean Jackson to lead the team in receiving this season: "No, I wouldn't have thought that. I knew he was going to contribute, I knew he was going to be a big part of our offense, as well as special teams. Going into the season, I didn't think he would be the leading receiver, but the way things have turned out he has been very explosive downfield making plays. I'm glad that he has."

On what Jackson has done to prevent hitting the rookie wall: "He continues to work hard, he continues to go out there every day and tries to get better every single day. Then at game time, he turns it on. He does a great job with it."

On what advice he has given Jackson: "Stay focused. The biggest thing is, as a rookie, you lose your focus a little quicker because it's a longer season. Remain focused, remain hungry, continue to have that drive, continue to work hard and do the same things you did before to get you to this point. Continue to do those things and you'll be fine."

On whether any of the leaders have talked to QB Kevin Kolb to keep his confidence up after the last game: "I didn't actually talk to Kevin at all. I'm glad you brought it up, I definitely want to talk to him and let him know we still continue to have faith in him. When you go in at the end of the game, it's a weird position. You're not really a starter, you've been sitting on the bench most of the game. It's a different position for him. I'm sure that he hasn't lost any confidence in the locker room and hopefully he hasn't lost any confidence in himself."

On how tough it is to be playing this well but not control your own destiny: "I don't even think about it too much. I think about going out and winning the next game. Our next game is against Washington and my plan is to go out there and win that football game and then win the football game against the Cowboys and see where the chips may fall."

On not thinking ahead to the Cowboys game: "If we don't win this one, the Cowboys game isn't going to matter so much. We have to go out and try to win this game first."

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