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RB Brian Westbrook

On whether a short week is harder after a loss than a win: "A short week, no matter whether you win or lose, is going to be a little bit tougher than a regular week, physically. For a mentally strong team, like I feel as though we have, we should be okay either way. Of course you want to win those football games, and your attitude is a little bit different when you win, but for a team who has a lot of leaders and has guys on this team who have been through things like that, we should be okay."

On having a short-term memory after a tough game: "We move on. I think the good thing about this team is that we've been in situations like that before. Good teams have to move on. There are not many teams who are going to make it to the Super Bowl without losing any games. You have to take that game for what it is. It was a learning lesson for us. We can't make those types of mistakes and lose football games. We move on from there."

On making sure the team stays hungry: "We try to be very consistent in practice and try to come out with that sense of urgency every single game. Hopefully that will carry us through. We have been through what happened last year, where we came out and did a great job against Detroit and the next week didn't do so well. For us, we can't allow ourselves to do that, we can't dig that type of hole for ourselves. If we come out and play football like we can, we should be okay."

On whether he and QB Donovan McNabb have talked about the fumble near the end of the game: "No, we haven't really talked much about it. It was a bad situation and a bad play. It was one of those things that happened. We have to move on from there. Right now, we work on handoffs every single day. That's something that should come second nature to us. We move forward to next week and we go on from there."

On whether the game against the Cowboys confirmed that the Eagles are a good team: "We felt we were a good team. It remains to be seen if we are a good team; it remains to be seen if Dallas is a good team. This is still very early in the season for both teams. We have to go out there and win football games. We don't measure ourselves by how we play against Dallas or anything like that; we measure ourselves by wins and losses. We want to go out there and win every game. That's our goal."

On what he does to recover from a tough game: "I get in the (hyperbaric) chamber, I do a lot of rehab, ice, cold tub, things like that. Just trying to get your body back to where you are able to function and be ready for the next game."

On what he and the other veterans told WR DeSean Jackson about his premature TD celebration: "We told him you can't afford those types of mistakes. Even though he is a rookie, and a lot of times rookies are going to make careless errors and silly mistakes. Because of the position he is in, we are depending on him a whole lot to do certain things for this team. He can't make those types of mistakes. Luckily, that mistake didn't hurt us in that part of the game. But, we can't have him have those types of mistakes. I think he understands it and I think that's something he will grow from and get better from."

On whether Jackson seemed to shrug his mistake off after the game: "He understands that and he might not have understood it at that point, but it's a serious thing. The call might have been something different where they got the ball instead of us getting a touchdown, that would have really messed things up pretty bad. I think he understands that. Like I said, he'll be a better player from having that type of situation happen to him."

On being a tough-minded team: "It starts with the head coach and works its way down from the leader to the other players on the team, down to the younger guys. We're a team who has been through a lot of different things, we've been through adversity, we've grown from that, we've built character from that. Now, we have to continue to try to show the young guys which way to go, as well as do our thing as leaders, too. It takes a good team to learn from a game like we had last weekend. We feel like we're a good team and hopefully we can come out with that same intensity that we did last week and play against a good Pittsburgh team."

On whether this next game will show more of who the Eagles really are: "Definitely. It takes a good team to play well every single week. We did play well last week, but we didn't play well enough. Our job every week is to play well enough to win. We didn't do that. Now, we are moving forward, but we have to play well enough to win this week against a good team."

On Pittsburgh's defense: "They are a very good front seven. They are very active. They have four very good linebackers who get pressure on the quarterback. They do a lot of blitzing and things like that. Then, you add in their secondary with (S Troy) Polamalu. He's all over the place, running around. He's very athletic, too. We have to be very aware of where their players are and what they are doing at the time. They have two inside linebackers, (James) Farrior and (Larry) Foote, who put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and offensive lines, as well. We have to be wary of that and go out and execute. We can't allow their pressure to affect us too much. We have to be able to execute our offense."

On whether there is room for improvement offensively, despite putting up so many points: "No question, there is a lot of room for growth. We still missed a lot of plays. There are still things we can get better at. We haven't quite reached our peak yet. We are still getting better. For a team, we have to put up one more point than our defense allows. For us, this past game it had to be one more point than Dallas (scored). We didn't get that done. That's our goal as an offense. We have to keep scoring until it's enough."

On the physicality of the game against the Cowboys: "I think Dallas was a physical team. It's probably one of the more physical games we're going to play this year. That's part of the game. Being physical is part of the game and we have to be ready for that every week."

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