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Quotes: Washington Quarterback Kirk Cousins

On whether he feels happy about his performance in the game even though it wasn't a perfect day: "I think what I'm most happy about is the fact that from the play-calling standpoint, [head coach] Jay [Gruden] and [offensive coordinator] Sean [McVay] gave us every chance. When you look at the players around me and the receivers we have, I mean, you go down the list. We have guy after guy after guy who can make plays for us. There is a lot of depth there. The offensive line…we had no sacks today. There were no sacks. So the offensive line did an outstanding job. We have multiple running backs who can make plays for us. So, as an offense, as a quarterback, you just have so many people around you who can make you successful. And that's what I think I take away from today is the good thing we have right now, and we obviously need to get better. But there's a lot there to work with."

On whether he feels he distributed the football well to seven or eight different guys and they were stepping up to make big plays: "I think these guys are just competitors. No matter who's at quarterback, they're going to battle. It's just so much heart when you're on the road at a division rival, it's the kind of intensity you need to have a chance. I was just so proud of the way our offense, and really our whole team, played and the character they showed."

On whether he expected to play this well today: "Well, I think you go in there and you just take it one play at a time. We always want to start fast and finish strong. I think we started fast today but obviously we didn't finish as strong as we needed to."

On whether he was discouraged at halftime trailing by one point or still encouraged by what had happened during the first half: "I think we had a good first half. I think we did a lot of things. We moved the football, we had good time of possession, no turnovers. We were really pleased by the first half. We're never going to get down. We're always going to stay positive and just keep pushing. If you do that, usually you give yourself a chance to have good things happen."

On whether he was surprised his team was still in the game at the end given the amount of injuries they suffered: "We do have a lot of depth on this team, so when you have injuries, it always gives you a chance when you have guys who can step up and be next man up. That will help us as the season goes on and guys continue to get beat up."

On whether he felt that they really had a chance to win the game on the last drive: "I think so. When you look at it, we had, I believe, four chances in plus territory to get a first down or get in field goal range. There's nobody to point the finger at on that except for me. We've got to get a first down there and have to get in field goal range, and that goes back to the quarterback."

On what happened on the interception: "I believe it was man coverage and went to [TE] Niles Paul working on a linebacker. If I could do it over again, I would throw it to [WR] Andre Roberts who's standing all by himself in the flat. And even if I'm going to throw to Niles Paul, I need to look off the safety more because if I'm going to look that way, the safety's going to go that way. Every rep you get, every play you take, you learn something and what's important now is that I learned from that and it doesn't happen again and I get better from it in only my fifth career start. I need to get better so that two years from now those mistakes aren't still happening."

On whether he feels he forced the throw that led to the interception: "Yeah, I think if I were to look off that safety or if I were to just take Andre Roberts in the flat, I would have had a much better play."

On whether he sensed any frustration or emotion from WR DeSean Jackson and if he had to say anything to him: "He was still helping us. He had a big third down conversion early on the right sideline as we were driving and he kept the drive alive in a tight window. He had some big catches for us. Even before the touchdown he was still making a difference and very big impact as a player. He may not show up as big on the big plays but he's a lightning strike waiting to happen and that's why you bring him in. He just really competed hard today which is fun."

On whether all his crisp, short passing early set up the two bombs to DeSean Jackson and WR Pierre Garcon, or if they were independent of each other: "I think they're independent of each other. I really credit Philly doing a great job defensively and the way they played man coverage. We did get over the top a little bit on them but I thought they played honest all game and played us tough and it's a good division battle that we'll get to see them again."

On how difficult it is to control his footing and mechanics to be accurate in his passing when he hits his back foot and there's not an obvious guy open: "I think accuracy goes back to your feet. You have to always be balanced. You have to always be consistent and then you can always be accurate. When that balance and that consistency starts to change then that's where the accuracy starts to waiver and that's where I have to go back and study my footwork and make sure that I'm keeping myself balanced."

On the emotions and atmosphere during this game knowing the situation was different from last season: "As a team there's more on the line obviously today than last year at the end of the season. But as far as the competition, the guys' intensity didn't change at all. It was there last year and it was there today and it will continue to be there in the coming weeks. I thought we did a great job today battling. We just didn't come up at the end and there's nobody to blame there but me."

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