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Quotes: Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

Opening Remarks: "You know I guess I'll say if we could eliminate both the drives – the drive that started the game with the blocked punt for a touchdown and the drive that started the second half with the sack and a caused fumble and a touchdown – we certainly wouldn't have been in the situation that we were in. We played a good second half of football with the exception of that first series. It's unfortunate that we ran out of time. I'm proud of the way the guys just battled and battled. I think everybody on the sideline thought we were going to put the ball in the endzone there at the end and win it at the end. But unfortunately, we lost the game in the first half. But if you're looking to be optimistic and positive, I really thought they did a nice job hanging in there and working. We got the defensive stops we needed. We got a break when [Eagles QB] Nick [Foles] fumbled the ball and then we had some really big plays in the passing game. But overall, you know, when you have penalties, when you turn the ball over, when you have a punt blocked for a touchdown, and you have numerous drops, it's not winning football. Our goal, our objective, is to carry the momentum that we had late in the third quarter, [and] the fourth quarter, through a solid week of preparation and get ready for Monday Night Football. [RB] Zac Stacy was not taken out of the game because of the fumble. He injured his calf on that play and he did not return. So I think that was the only injury that we had that was of note."         

On the resiliency of the team at the end of the game: "This team likes to play. They always think they have a chance regardless of how much time is left. You know, things started to build for us. We got some quick scores, which you need to do, which is hard to do, but you need to do it. They just battled. [QB] Austin [Davis] was really good with the football. He knew where to go and the guys made some tough catches for him."

On where the breakdown was on the blocked punt: "I don't know. I have to look at it. We got fixed, but it was uncharacteristic of us to give up a big play like that on special teams, so our guys are going to have to bounce back. I credit [the Eagles] two weeks in a row for getting their hands on a punt."

On whether there was a mix-up on the last passing attempt of the game: "Nah, it was clean. He was supposed to go to the post, but he threw it to the seam. They pressured him. You know I probably should, in retrospect, called timeout with fourth-and-seven. But I felt like based on the way things were going, we were going to need that timeout. I fully expected to convert that fourth down, so we had the timeout as we got closer to the goal line."

On the penalties and dropped balls in the game: "Yeah, that's the thing. That's the thing – we had three false starts in the first half and then [LB] Ray Ray [Armstrong] gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Our special teams knows, if you're going to get another penalty after the play on special teams and it's legit, then they're going to go watch the game in the locker room. I'm not going to tolerate that anymore. So that will be their message tomorrow."  

On the poise of QB Austin Davis: "You know, of the bright things in this game, that probably is number one because he was calm and collected and just so focused on what he needed to do. He was not flustered at all. He took some hits, and we have to get that corrected, but he can overcome. He knows the position is difficult to play, and he can overcome a mistake. I think that's the mark of a fine, young quarterback."

On whether he wondered if Davis would get up after some hard hits: "I'm really not worried about that. I expect him to get up. Sometimes you can't jump right up after those kind of hits."

On whether some of Davis' throws seemed high because he was excited: "Sometimes. We'll look at it. I don't think he was overly excited, but he made some really good throws."

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