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Quotes: Locker Room Offense


Eagles QB Matt Barkley**

On whether it is easier to get in a rhythm when you have extended playing time:

"Absolutely, I think just the fact that you know that you are going to be in and you are going to be playing, helps establish a rhythm. We had a great week of preparation. I told the guys that. I thought that we were all on the same page, except for that one play. We played well and you could see that even when [quarterback] G.J. [Kinne] was in, we went right down the field. Guys played hard. [WR] Damaris [Johnson] played great. I thought the line played great. It was fun getting those reps all week."

On how he feels this year at this point, compared to last year at this point:

"I feel like I am progressing. That is great. You always want to feel like you are getting better and I feel like I have. I have a better knowledge of the offense and just feel better moving around the pocket. My arm feels better than it did last year."

On how it feels getting so much playing time:

"It felt great. I knew it was coming, so I knew what I was getting myself into. I thought we came away with a great game."

On when was the last time that he was this healthy an got this many reps:

"College. The last week of my college career."

On the 43-yard touchdown pass:

"I got all excited. It looked like they were going to be playing off and in the corner of my eye, I saw [WR] Arrelious Benn get that edge and start separating. I got all excited and put it out there for him. He made a great move to get past the DB."

On his touchdown run:

"We had everyone flowing to the left and I went through the options. I didn't see anybody. I almost pulled the trigger and passed it, but it would have been a pretty big collision or a tipped ball, so I just tucked it, saw green grass and took it. I was happy with the decision I made, not trying to force anything. I just made a sound decision. We did all night and I think it showed by the points we put up."

On how much more comfortable he is with the speed of the NFL:

"A lot of it has to do with knowing what you are going to do before the ball is snapped. I can play fast, even though, mentally you are still processing everything. The speed of the defense will always be there, but I am more comfortable in the system."

Eagles WR Arrelious Benn

On his physical play throughout the preseason:

"That's just my game – just being physical and making plays. I can always do things to make myself more feasible."

On whether he felt like he showed enough in preseason to make the team:

"What is enough? Enough is never enough. Every day and every year you have to prove yourself. I don't look at it like that. I just go out there and make plays, and I know the type of guy that I am when I'm healthy. I just have fun with football."

On whether his 43-yard touchdown reception early in the game helped his case for a roster spot:

"We started the game off by putting six points up on the board which got us rolling. But I wasn't looking at it like I have to score this touchdown to make the team. I'm not looking at it like that. I'm looking at it like this is a game.  I don't care if this is the fourth preseason game and some guys are not going to be here. I'm treating it like it's the Super Bowl. That's how I'm looking at it."

Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin

On his teammate's performance tonight:

"Everyone has had their time to shine at this point. I think that goes to show how we do things here, with guys getting so many reps we are more prepared going into games. Kudos to those guys and hopefully everything works out for everyone."

On his feelings about the impending cuts to be made;

"That's the way of the game, I mean Damaris Johnson right here can play football. I think the one thing Damaris has going for himself is; if it doesn't work out here, which I hope it does, he is very talented and I think someone else will pick him up. I think all the guys at the receiver position have had their time to shine."

On his feelings about coming back after a full season out due to injury;

"I am extremely excited. It has been a long time for me; I'm looking forward to seeing this offense and this team in action and I am ready to put my stamp on it."

On how much the team has accomplished this pre-season;

"I think we are light years away from where we were last year as far as installations, understanding the offense and schemes. I think that's definitely going to help us going into the season."

On the overall depth of the team and tough decisions to be made;

"It's a good thing, having to make decisions like that goes to show the type of guys they have surrounded this organization with. Unfortunately, the nature of the game and the business part that's how it goes, everybody can't make the team. But I think they will do the best they can to put together a solid 53."

Eagles WR Damaris Johnson

On whether he felt he helped himself with his performance numbers wise:

"Maybe so, I mean I went out there and made plays.  I don't really go in the game thinking about how I have to go out and prove something to anybody because I'm my hardest critic.  I know even when I catch a ball sometimes, I will think to myself I ran the route maybe two yards short, but they don't see that.  So I don't really go out and really try to prove anybody wrong, I just go out and play."

On whether he feels he deserves the job:

"I'm not going to say that.  Just like I said, I go out every day, work my butt off in practice, so it'll translate over to the game.  I think I went out and I played well today, I think a lot of people saw that.  And I'm just trying to go out and do my job."

On whether he feels that he's done enough to earn a spot on the team:

"I don't ever feel that I've done enough, I remember even like last game I caught a ball and fell at the one yard line.  I could've gone in and scored that touchdown.  I think I went out and made plays and I think I stepped up tonight."

On whether he feels that he's gotten the job as the return man:

"I think so, nothing can substitute for experience, and I think me going on my third year now I have learned from some things that I've done in the past.  I feel way more comfortable back there now on kick-off and punt returns and I just try to go out there and make plays.  My coaches just want me to go out there and be the man.  So that's what I try to do when I go out there."

Eagles T Lane Johnson

On whether he felt it was different to play the whole game in the preseason:

"Yeah, playing the whole game too that was different too because I normally play 30-40 snaps but playing the whole game that felt good.  I think everybody got tired there at the end, but everybody caught their second wind and then produced."

On whether he felt that he got past the point of feeling that he let his teammates down:

"I mean it's about to sink in for real right now.  I mean, it's been looming the past few months but now the course is about to take its action.  So, it's going to be tough sitting out for a month but nothing I can do about it."

On whether how tough it will be to stay in football shape during suspension:

"It's going to be real tough, but I think where I'm going, A.P.I. there in Dallas, A.P.I. is known for training guys for the combine and keeping guys in top shape so I'm confident that they'll do a great job."

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