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Quotes: Head Coach Doug Pederson



COACH PEDERSON**: Let me just update you again on injuries. We had a full practice yesterday. The only guy that's really out right now is [WR] Bryce Treggs, the receiver that we picked up. He's the one that's out right now with the knee [injury].

Q. Is he going to be out for Sunday?

COACH PEDERSON: He's out for Sunday.

Q. What's been keeping DE Vinny Curry from being full participation at practice?

COACH PEDERSON: It's just day-to-day. It's the knee [injury]. He practiced yesterday. He practiced well. [We] fully expect him to be available and play in this football game, yeah.

Q. What made you want to go with WR Bryce Treggs over WR Paul Turner?

COACH PEDERSON: Interesting enough is you're always looking to upgrade. You're always looking to improve your roster and bring in guys that -- again, the competition, that never stops. We kind of got the best of both worlds because we were able to get both guys. This kid, Bryce, what we've seen on film; can be explosive, got good speed. One thing Paul has for him is he knows our system and he was very productive in the preseason. I'm just looking forward next week to hopefully getting Bryce out there and get some reps with him.

Q. You talked in the preseason about bringing on WR Dorial Green-Beckham slowly. How much of the playbook right now are you comfortable with him running? Do you expect him to start on Sunday?

COACH PEDERSON: He'll play Sunday. Because we got him so late in training camp we're still kind of giving him small doses of the playbook. We're not giving him the whole thing yet. We are still putting him in on certain packages and certain routes and runs and mixing them up and just keeping it small for him. Until he can fully understand that, then we can give him more information each and every week.

Q. What about WR Jordan Matthews? Do you see him playing on the outside or mostly in the slot? Or do you kind of have him in both?

COACH PEDERSON: I think the beauty of the offense is that our receivers can play both inside and outside just based on formations. Yeah, I expect Jordan and he will play outside, and he will also play inside. He's such a versatile guy that we try to utilize his size and strength, his ability to create space and matchups that whether he's inside or outside it can help us offensively putting guys like that -- even Nelson [WR Nelson Agholor]. Nelson will end up playing inside, and it's all based on formations. It's not necessarily he's the slot receiver. It's just that he might be a slot receiver or outside receiver on a particular play.

Q. Confidence has been a focal point throughout training camp for the receivers, specifically Nelson Agholor. He's not struggling, but he's just coming along. How would you assess his confidence level and what are some of the things that you want to do to get him going?

COACH PEDERSON: Yeah, I've seen the improvement with Nelson throughout camp, and the last several weeks he's really attacked practice well. He's come out and he's practiced fast. He's practiced hard. He's on the JUGS machine after practice every day. He stays after and gets some routes in. He's been putting in the time. And with any receiver, whether it be a tight end or a receiver, even a back, you just want to -- you've only got one football, but at the same time you want to get all your guys some touches early in the football game to try to get that first catch out of the way or first run out of the way. Then after that, you kind of settle into your plan and see how your defense is attacking and go from there.

Q. Do you still have the one open roster spot? Do you anticipate filling that spot by Sunday?

COACH PEDERSON: That is correct. Not right now.

Q. One of the Browns defensive lineman said that they think QB Carson Wentz's release is slow and they want to try to take advantage of that. Is that something you work with him on?

COACH PEDERSON: We've worked on his feet. We've worked on a little bit of the upper body mechanics. We don't feel like it's a slow release. It can be long at times. He's such a long guy; it can be like [49ers QB] Colin Kaepernick long at times. But anticipation [and] throwing the ball on time can help that process [and] get the ball out of his hand fast. The design of the play can get the ball out of his hand fast. It's nothing that we've really spent a lot of time addressing with him, more than just working on his feet and his mechanics from his lower body.

Q. Do you plan on using the fullback position? Obviously TE Chris Pantale isn't on the roster, but TE Trey Burton hasn't really done it. Eagles Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich mentioned maybe an offensive lineman or defensive lineman. Do you plan on using it at all this year?

COACH PEDERSON: We've experimented with a couple of guys. Obviously Chris was the guy in training camp. We haven't used it a ton. Of course, you saw last night the fullback dive for a touchdown. But again, we're putting some guys in positions. Whether it be an offensive line, or we've seen [G] Dillon Gordon back there; who knows what happens with him down the road with him, as far as being up there on game day -- things of that nature. Still working through that. We've obviously got [FB] Andrew [Bonnet] on the practice squad and we're developing him, as well. If he comes through, then maybe he becomes a guy that we can use down the road.

Q. When you're going through installs, how can you tell whether Carson is getting it? And that it's not too much and that he's on the right track that way?

COACH PEDERSON: Yeah, just how he carries it over to the field and how he practices; can he retain the information and the details of what we're talking about in the meeting. One thing, the way the installs are designed is to give him a quick blast on the overview of the play, the concept of the play. And then let him get with the position coaches and detail the finer points of the route and then look at all the film and exhaust every coverage that he could potentially see on that play. And then just see how well he manages that in practice, and then not always giving him the same throw on the same route day-in and day-out. Make sure he's getting multiple throws on the same play, but against different looks, multiple looks. So that's how kind of gauge where he's at mentally with how much he can handle and how much he can process from the meetings to the field.

Q. Are you keeping the communication the same as you did the first game, you directly to the quarterback?

COACH PEDERSON: Yes, the communication hasn't changed.

Q. How do you like that?

COACH PEDERSON: I love it. One thing it does is it allows for the speed of the offense to take effect. What I mean by that is we can get in and out of the huddle fast. My finger is on the next play, so I can get the play called relatively fast once I get kind of the okay through the head sets that I can talk. Yeah, so that process has been really good.

Q. The Friday practice during the season, what's it like? And does a player need to practice full on Friday to play on Sunday?

COACH PEDERSON: Are you referring to an injured guy potentially playing?

Q. Yes.

COACH PEDERSON: I'd say league-wide that if a guy doesn't practice on Friday then there's probably a good chance he doesn't play in the game. By now, unless it's a game-time decision, then you have to address that at that time. But today is obviously a full practice. It's a red zone emphasis day with a review of first and second and third down, short yardage and goal line. Again, typically if an injured guy -- down the road the next couple of weeks -- doesn't practice, it doesn't mean he won't play, but at the same time it sort of hurts his chances to play on Sunday.

Q. With the running back rotation, earlier in the off-season you talked about having a committee approach, is that still the plan? Or are you going in with RB Ryan Matthews as the lead guy?

COACH PEDERSON: Yeah, Ryan goes in as one, and Darren's [Sproles] two from a depth chart standpoint. And then you've got Kenyon [Barner] and Wendell [Smallwood], and both of those guys are very valuable to what we're doing. Again, each one does things differently and we've got it set up and I've got it set up offensively that we can call on really any running back at any time for a particular play that's being utilized, whether it's run or pass. So, all of them, all of them have to be ready. They have got to know the full game plan. But going in Ryan is the bulk of the load.

Q. Do you see all four of them being active for Sunday's game?

COACH PEDERSON: It's not decided yet because we haven't made the final decisions on that. But they have all practiced well this week and we're still working through those details. We'll know probably Sunday morning who is going to be down.

Q. What does it do for confidence of the offensive line to have T Lane Johnson out there this week?

COACH PEDERSON: Oh, the confidence is great and I've seen the confidence in Lane, too. Just being back with the guys and working, it's really kind of -- I don't want to say it's lifted their spirits, but that group started together that way and they are going into the regular season that way. It's exciting, obviously, for me, too, as a coach to watch all five of those guys work together. They have got a lot of snaps and a lot of time together and so I know they are fired up and ready to go.

Q. How much have you tried to cater the offensive plays to be similar to the ones that Wentz ran in college?

COACH PEDERSON: It's funny because really the offense that I brought is very geared to his strengths: Play-action pass movement, his ability to run, throw on the run, things like that. So, there wasn't a lot of having to shift gears and sort of favor his strengths. Everything that we've done or what I've done in the past really fits him and the type of quarterback that he is.

Q. How do you expect the atmosphere to be at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, when 1 p.m. roles around?

COACH PEDERSON: I expect it to be electric. I know there going to be a great 9/11 tribute before the game and it's something to remember, but I think our crowd is going to be excited. Everything I've heard and sort of read this week, everybody is kind of excited to see No. 1, Carson, but just to see the team and see the guys play for 60 minutes. It's going to be a great crowd. I'm excited for it and can't wait till Sunday.

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