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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly


Q. What's up with QB Sam Bradford today?

COACH KELLY: He hasn't been cleared through the concussion protocol, so he won't be allowed to practice today.

Q. How about RB Ryan Mathews?

COACH KELLY: Ryan Mathews is the same thing, and G Josh Andrews is the same thing; all three of those guys haven't been cleared through the system. They haven't played, so they're not allowed to practice.

Q. How's Bradford's left shoulder?

COACH KELLY: He hasn't been able to do anything because he hasn't cleared concussion protocol, so I really can't tell.

Q. In terms of T Jason Peters, there is a report out that you wanted to have him active as a back-up, and he said he would only play if he was starting. Is that accurate?

COACH KELLY: No. Since Jason can't go, he's not going to practice today. So he was ruled out by the doctors.

Q. Has Peters shown you any progress?

COACH KELLY: He has. He's not going to go today. We'll see what goes on the rest of the week, but he's not going to go.

Q. Was there a setback?

COACH KELLY: That's a good question. I just know he can't go today.

Q. You have five new starters on offense, five new players playing 25% more of the snaps and you have five returning players that are playing 25% more snaps than they played the year prior. What effect do you think all of these changes are having on the inconsistencies on offense?

COACH KELLY: I think any time you put a new group together, it takes a while to get going. But I think that's no different than our first year here, we had 11 new starters. So I think it's the responsibility of the coaching staff to put the guys in position to make plays.

Q. When you had 11 starters when you came in, they were all learning the system together at the same time. Now you're having players that are further along than other players. Do you think that throwing new players, especially in key spots like quarterback, running back and wide receiver, is having any sort of effect on the offense?

COACH KELLY: No, I think there are individual mistakes that are being made, and we need to correct them as coaches.

Q. Are LB Connor Barwin and S Walter Thurmond practicing today?

COACH KELLY: Thurmond will practice today, Connor won't go today. Connor will be able to jog around and do some things and we'll see where he is, but Walt's going today.

Q. In Bradford's case, what stage is he at? Do you know?

COACH KELLY: No, I don't know. I get [told he is] cleared, or [he is] not cleared. But [the trainers] don't communicate the stages.

Q. Is he allowed in the meeting room?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, he has been here at the meetings.

Q. How about cardio work?

COACH KELLY: He hasn't done that from what I understand. I don't know, you can ask him.

Q. Did T Jason Peters try to go on Sunday? T Lane Johnson was talking about --

COACH KELLY: He worked out before the game and wasn't cleared to go.

Q. And what?

COACH KELLY: He wasn't cleared to go by the doctors and everybody. He wasn't in a position where he was going to be able to play.

Q. Thurmond and Barwin played most of the game; what are they dealing with right now?

COACH KELLY: Thurmond is practicing, so I don't think he's doing anything. And it is a quad with Connor.

Q. How tough is it to get everyone going in practice going forward here when you have two games in a short amount of time and injuries?

COACH KELLY: I don't think it's difficult. Our guys had a really good training session yesterday, and they're excited to go play. It's the same situation everybody is in in the National Football League.

Q. What has Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston shown you on film?

COACH KELLY: I think he has gotten better as the season has progressed. You have seen from Game One to where he is now, there is a maturation process that's going on with him. I think he's making better decisions with the football. I think most of his interceptions occurred early; they haven't really occurred late. I think he's being smarter throwing the football. [Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator] Dirk Koetter is doing a really good job with him in terms of what they're asking him to do in their offense. But he has been impressive the last couple games.

Q. I know when you guys played Monday night, you started preparing that day for the next game. With the short week leading into Detroit, when will you start looking at film of the Lions?

COACH KELLY: We always do ten days in advance, so our guys have already started breakdowns on that.

Q. Is that difficult to prepare for two teams at once?

COACH KELLY: No, we're not game planning, we're just breaking the tape down so that when we get ready to sit down and game plan, we know that front and that coverage has already been broken down at that point.

Q. If Bradford is out, QB Thad Lewis will be the back-up quarterback. What attracted you to him?

COACH KELLY: I think when you looked at that, we've worked Thad out a couple times. We were very impressed with his arm strength, he has a very strong arm. The ball comes off his hands extremely fast. He has a quick release, throws a tight spiral. [Eagles offensive coordinator] Pat [Shurmur] had some familiarity with him. Pat had coached him when he was in St. Louis as the offensive coordinator, and then again as the Head Coach in Cleveland. We've had a chance to get some exposure to him in terms of those workouts. When you talk football to him, obviously he's a Duke grad, he's sharp. He picked the offense up very quickly. He has got a good feel for what we're doing. I think some of the carryover from when Pat was at St. Louis and Cleveland, we've been able to relate those things to him; we were impressed with that both of the times we worked him out. When we had an opportunity to get him after we traded Matt [former Eagles QB Matt Barkley], we were excited to get him in here and feel very comfortable with him.

Q. Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy is healthy again for them; is he somewhat like the guy you saw last week, Miami Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh?

COACH KELLY: He's similar. He's one of the premier, three techniques in the league. I think, in that defense, when you have that type of guy and when the Bucs were in their heyday and they had Warren Sapp [former DT for the Buccaneers], you really need that three-technique type of player to be a disruptive force for you, and that's what he is. We faced him two years ago and have seen him firsthand when we played them down there, and he was as advertised. He's a very disruptive force in there and certainly someone that we're going to make sure we're aware of where he is.

Q. What can you guys do to help cut down on QB Mark Sanchez's turnovers?

COACH KELLY: Well, he has one, so it's a matter of putting him in situations in practice where we're giving him the right coverages and the right schemes that he's going to see and how he executes in terms of what he's supposed to do compared to the play we're running.

Q. At what point would Bradford have to be cleared to be able to participate?

COACH KELLY: When he's cleared, we'll address that. So until he's cleared -- we don't sit around in meetings and say, 'What about this? What about that?' Because he may not be cleared at all, or he could be cleared this afternoon. So, when he gets cleared, then we'll sit down and address it.

Q. What were your impressions of Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Kwon Alexander coming out of LSU? What have been your impressions of him so far this season?

COACH KELLY: We actually tried to recruit him when I was at Oregon when he was coming out of high school. So extremely fast, agile linebacker. One of those guys that, I think, everybody's looking for that third down linebacker. His ability to cover, and then they just cover a lot of ground at the linebacker spot. He can really run. He was obviously a little lighter coming out of high school. The one question you had in high school was, 'Is he going to get big enough?' But he really did at LSU, he was a productive player there. He came out a year early. But he's a guy that, in terms of what we're looking for, he was someone that we really had looked at and spent a lot of time looking at him. He's in the [Eagles LB] Jordan Hicks mold of that three-down linebacker that doesn't have to come off the field and is having a fantastic year, especially for a rookie. He's calling the signals in that defense. So he's wearing the green dot; it's getting relayed in to him and to get everybody aligned. To do that in that defense and be the middle linebacker in that Tampa Two is a pretty impressive thing to do for a rookie.

Q. How much practice would an offensive lineman have to do during the week, if he is healthy enough to play, to be cleared for Sunday?

COACH KELLY: We don't have a set number. It just depends on are they cleared? How do we feel with them in terms of their grasp of the game plan and all of that? There is not a set number that we say, 'It has to be 'this' number to do 'this'.' Everybody's on an individual basis.

Q. Did that ever factor into why T Jason Peters didn't play?

COACH KELLY: No. Jason wasn't cleared to play on Sunday, so nothing factored into that.

Q. It was the trainers that dictated that?

COACH KELLY: No, we talk about work percentages and where he is. And then we make a decision of who is up and who is active.

Q. Your thoughts on outside linebacker depth, in particular with Connor ailing in these first couple of days here; how do you feel about the way LB Marcus Smith has come along?

COACH KELLY: I think Marcus has come along. Obviously, our two premier starting, outside linebackers are Connor and Brandon [Graham]. Brandon has played well as of late; Connor has been at work for us. But we're confident if Connor can't go, I don't think that's going to be the case, but we are confident that if Connor can't go, then Marcus can fill in there.

Q. At inside linebacker, do you see LB Kiko Alonso, LB DeMeco Ryans and LB Mychal Kendricks fully able to play? How would that rotation work?

COACH KELLY: I think we're still monitoring that situation. Obviously you can't -- I don't think either Kiko or DeMeco are going to play 60, 70 snaps for us. It's not smart enough, not proven. And we have depth at that position, so we can continue to bring those guys along. I think Mychal's a little farther ahead in terms of his recovery from the injury. But it has always been a priority to have inside linebacker depth for us, and it has been tested this year in many different fashions. We lost all four of those guys at some point in time, so it's good that we have them. But because we have depth there, we'll continue to rotate those guys.

Q. Also because you have the two games in a span of four days, is that also something you are monitoring?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, our No. 1 goal is to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So we're not going to not do something because we're trying to get ready for a game on Thanksgiving. Every game is important to us. So we'll do whatever we have to do to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But we also know we have some depth there with those three guys and [LB] Najee [Goode] available at inside linebacker.

Q. Why were Sanchez and RB DeMarco Murray having so many problems with the hand off?

COACH KELLY: They may have had just a couple steps and alignments where the back was aligned, where the quarterback was; a couple mechanical things. But I don't think there were "so many problems" at the hand off spot.

Q. Is WR Nelson Agholor healthy? Is he back now to where he was before?

COACH KELLY: He's back. I don't know if he's back to where he was. But he played the whole game for us. He came out of it okay; no worse for the wear. But I still couldn't put a hundred percent tag on Nelly right now. But he's good to go, unless we have a setback during this week. But he should be good to go this week.

Q. How is Sanchez now compared to this time last year in terms of familiarity of the system and health-wise?

COACH KELLY: I think he's very familiar with our system and has a very good grasp of where he is. And he's healthy because he has only played 30 snaps, or whatever he got in on Sunday. So he's healthy and has familiarity with the system.

Q. What should Bradford or WR Miles Austin have done differently on the play in which there was no one covering Austin, but he still went to run because it was a run play?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, but there was someone covering; there was a safety rolling down on him. So that's what Miles saw from his view; he wasn't uncovered. They were a little confused at the beginning of the play, but all of a sudden, the safety was coming in and running down on him. So it was a run play and Miles was going to block his guy.

Q. So Bradford should have probably handed it off?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, [he] probably should have handed the ball off.

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