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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly


Q. What resulted in LB Kiko Alonso's second opinion?

COACH KELLY: He's down there [with Dr. Andrews] until Friday from what I understand, so we'll come back and see him on Friday. They are doing some rehab work with him.

Q. No surgery then?

COACH KELLY: Not that I'm aware of. I just know that he's down there. Chris [Dr. Christopher Dodson, M.D.] said he'll be back -- I don't think it is surgery. I mean, he's coming back on Friday, so we'll see where he is then. And he said they are rehabbing him, is what I was told.

Q. How is RB DeMarco Murray coming along?

COACH KELLY: He did a couple things yesterday; we'll see how he progresses today. He was limited in practice yesterday, and we'll see to what extent he can go today.

Q. With K Cody Parkey, as I understand it, he had an MRI the Wednesday before the Atlanta game and it showed that his groin had healed. What do you make of that? Is he just predisposed to clearing up his groin?

COACH KELLY: As I said yesterday, it was a new injury. So, it's in a different spot of where the other injury that he had pre Packers game, or whatever preseason game he did it in. This is a different injury, so what do I make of it is it's unfortunate for Cody. I feel bad for him. He's just such a -- works extremely hard at what he does. He's the most conscientious guy I've been around in terms of what he does from a kicking standpoint. But, he had a great attitude when I talked to him the other day. He's going to be here every day. He's going to help [K] Caleb [Sturgis] out. You know explain kind of where he's kicked before, kind of what the situations are. He's been down in Washington Stadium; he's been in our stadium and just kind of help from that standpoint. He's going to be here. He's going to start rehabbing. He's already started his rehab process, but because of the nature of the injury, it was at least eight weeks before he would be back to doing anything, which kind of eliminated the point that we could bring him back from it.

Q. Why did Caleb Surgis beat out the other kickers you brought in?

COACH KELLY: He kicked the ball through the uprights.

Q. Why was he better?

COACH KELLY: Why was he better? He kicked more field goals than those guys did.

Q. What do you know about the mental part of his kicking game?

COACH KELLY: I know Fipp [Special teams coordinator Dave Fipp] has done a lot research on him. Chris Shea [Director of scouting administration/strategic management], who is on our staff, was with him when he was at Miami and was very confident in him.

Q. And his kickoffs were --

COACH KELLY: Yeah, he's got a heck of a leg. I mean, it explodes off his foot. He was the best in both kickoffs and field goals when we had our tryouts.

Q. T Jason Peters and WR Riley Cooper missed practice yesterday. Was there --

COACH KELLY: Yeah, they got a nagging thing. I think they will probably not go full today, and then we expect them back this week though.

Q. What is your concern level with QB Sam Bradford moving the ball, getting it down the field? Is a lot of it on him? Is it partially the receivers dropping some balls?

COACH KELLY: It's a combination of everything. We've had some drops, but there's been some times where guys are open and we didn't put it on them at the appropriate times. But, it's a combination of both.

Q. Is that something that he's just coming back from the injury? Is he learning the offense? Is it a combination of everything? Do you think it's a specific thing that Bradford did?

COACH KELLY: No, I think he missed two throws that he probably wants back in the Jets game.

Q. Does the Washington Redskins offense change much with WR DeSean Jackson in it versus when he's not in it?

COACH KELLY: I think that the offense is different than it was last year. I mean, we played two different quarterbacks last year and have not seen DeSean this year. So, I think it will be a little bit more run-oriented this year because of their backs, but I don't know if that's because DeSean's not in or not. They threw the ball a little bit differently in both games we played them last year.

Q. How did LB Mychal Kendricks make out yesterday?

COACH KELLY: He got through, so we will see how much more he can do today. But he looked good yesterday. But I think with an injury that Mychal had, that it's a progression thing; how does he progress during the weeks? We are encouraging where he is now.

Q. After the draft, we asked you about the offensive line. But free agency too, until you added former Eagle John Moffitt, you kept who you had. Why not add more depth there?

COACH KELLY: Price tag of what was available in free agency was more than what we were willing to pay.

Q. The depth that you had returning, what did you think of them?

COACH KELLY: I thought it was good, but I also don't think you can just take players for the sake of taking players. If we drafted  we didn't have an offensive lineman drafted with the third round grade. If we took them, we wouldn't have [LB] Jordan Hicks right now. There's always after the fact, you can say 'this', you can say 'that'. But I mean we are not going to reach and take things just for the sake of taking things.

Q. How has G/T Matt Tobin looked this year preseason, in small sample size, compared to last year when --

COACH KELLY: He's progressed. I think just because he's third year here, he's got more experience, got a better understanding of what's going on.

Q. Do you anticipate adding to the offensive line at all?

COACH KELLY: We'll see. I mean we like to have nine; that's the ideal number for us. But because we had two linebackers down that are not injured reserved candidate type guys, Mychal and Kiko. You have to figure out where do I get that extra spot right now? And for us, at this time, it was in the offensive line. You get another injury somewhere, you may have to compensate somewhere else. In the ideal world, we would like to have nine offensive linemen in the 53. But right now, we couldn't do that just because of those two injuries at the inside linebacker position.

Q. You've been pretty consistent in that after the last couple of drafts, saying there was nobody available in the rounds where we were thinking about drafting an offensive lineman who was worth that pick. Is that remarkable? Were you surprised by that two years in a row? That there was not a real good offensive line guy in the second, third and fourth round?

COACH KELLY: No. I mean, I just think it unfolds the way it unfolds. When you pick, there are probably a couple guys that go a couple picks before you that you're, 'Jeez I wish that guy was there. If he was there, he's probably rated higher than the guy we had.' But, when we look at the draft itself, we are always just kind of going all the way down. And as the names get picked, you take them off and then you look at them and just say, 'Who is the best available?' And at the time, and I said it then, and it really was when we saw [WR] Jordan [Matthews] was the highest rated guy we had in the third round, so that's who we went with in the third round. And then we decided in the fourth, we traded our pick, which got us a third this year. So there was a lot of ins and outs that go on in the draft day, but we are still going to take what's the best at a position. And I think when you reach at a position, you end up getting in trouble.

Q. You've always had a very good offense here. You put up a lot of points, a lot of yards. What is your concern level now with the offense just three games in?

COACH KELLY: I'm just concerned with Washington. I don't care if we score two points and win 2 0, or we score 52 points and win 52 51. We are concerned with beating Washington. We don't look at it as, 'we need to do 'this', we need to do 'that'.' It's what do we need to do in the football game on Sunday to win the football game?

Q. One of the offseason areas of concern has been limiting the X-plays. What have you seen out of that secondary these first three games in regards to keeping those deep plays from not happening?

COACH KELLY: They are doing a better job than we did a year ago. We still need to clean that up, though. But I think it's the whole defense. It's a combination of the rush, coverage, all of those elements add to what it is. Obviously, if the quarterback has a ton of time back there, then he's got time to really push the ball down the field. And that's what we kind of saw a little bit in the first week in the Atlanta game. We didn't get a great rush on [QB] Matt [Ryan] in the first game, and we also weren't great in coverage in that game. I think it's a combination of both. I've seen improvement from Game One to Game Two to Game Three, so we just need to continue. They [The Jets] took a couple shots. [DB] Eric Rowe made a nice play on a breakup and then Rowe had an interception. And they took a shot on [CB] Nolan [Carroll] and I thought Nolan made a really nice play on the deep ball to [Jets WR] Brandon Marshall. So, I've seen improvement, but we need to continue to get better.

Q. In the secondary, is it strictly a technique thing?

COACH KELLY: It's everything. It's matchups and how do you matchup with who they are? And is there a double? Is there a safety over the top? But if there's a safety over the top, are you light on the bottom? There's a lot of different combinations, or reasons that go into it.

Q. How does their defense look different now with Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry as opposed to with former defensive coordinator Coach Jim Haslett?

COACH KELLY: They are a little bit more four-down at times.

Q. Now?

COACH KELLY: Now than they were under Coach Haslett. But I think the big thing with Joe's group, they are always sound. They are second ranked defense in the NFL right now, they can stop the run with their guys up front; they are gigantic up front. I think [NT Terrance] Knighton may be the biggest inside guy in the league right now. They've got another real talented guy in [DE Jason] Hatcher, who has been, whether we played against him in Dallas or Washington, he's a guy we have great respect for. He's a tremendous inside defensive lineman in this league. When they go to their four down package, they have [LB] Ryan Kerrigan, one of the better defensive and outside linebackers in the league. [LB] Trent Murphy is playing really well for them. They have a young rookie in [LB] Preston Smith that's playing a lot of snaps for them. So they can -- they have stopped the run with just their front and they have got two really good inside linebackers in Perry Riley Jr. and Keenan Robinson. They have been able to stop the run with that, so they are keeping the ball in front of them. They are not allowing big, explosive plays just because their front can handle the run defense, and I think that's a big challenge for our offensive line going into this game.

Q. When you were looking at S Malcolm Jenkins in free agency a year and a half ago, how much did you take into account the intangibles? Obviously, you saw that Sunday with him playing so many different positions, changing the spots in the middle of the game and all that.

COACH KELLY: I think you go back to a lot of times because you don't have exposure to him when he was with the Saints. But go back to when our scouts looked at him when he was at Ohio State, that's where you kind of get that information from. The evaluation of the NFL stuff is really just off of film and tape. You don't get a chance to go in and interview a guy in free agency and say, 'Hey, ask the coach that coached him to tell us about him' because that team may want him back. There were not conversations between our staff and the Saints from that standpoint. But the one thing that stuck out to us, in terms of what we were looking for for safety, is that you have to be able to play down, and you also have to be able to play high. And I think it's not coincidence that both of our safeties were both corners to start their career because you need to be able to cover. We are not a traditional one high safety, another guy in the box type of defensive operation. We play right and left safety and they both could be down at times, they both could be high at times and it really takes a guy that's got some versatility. We saw that. That's why he was our No. 1 free safety that we were looking at in free agency two years ago.

Q. You guys do a lot of preventative stuff with injuries. What were the numbers showing you with Parkey? Were there red flags leading up to this?

COACH KELLY: No. He actually said he was feeling as good as he was just before the week leading up to the Jets game.

Q. Is there any connection between the late last season injury and the one now?

COACH KELLY: I don't think so, but I didn't investigate it. We do a whole  when a guy is injured that goes on IR, they'll go back and look at everything to try to see kind of the reason why. But we haven't got any information on that right now.

Q. On both of Bradford's passes where it has been inaccurate, he has had a clean pocket to throw from. Do you, quarterbacks coach Ryan Day, and Bradford diagnose why it has been inaccurate?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, they go through -- Ryan and Sam go through every throw that he makes in every game and have sat down and have gone through all that.

Q. You had said back in camp, or maybe before that in mini-camp, how CB Nolan Carroll had been the most improved player. What did he do to get so much better?

COACH KELLY: A good question for him, exactly what he did before he got here. But when he got here on April 20th, he was our most competitive guy in the weight room. He was our most consistent-- you talk about a guy that just kept hitting PRs, whether it be in bench, squat, all of our lifts; PRs in our runs. I think a lot of guys take that time from the end of the season until April maybe as time off. I think it was obvious to everybody that he didn't take that time off; he worked extremely hard. So when he got here -- he's definitely shown up now. He's doing a heck of a job. He earned the starting corner job. We talked to those guys that were coming back, he was wide open. Really the only guy that was an established player that was coming in for us was [S] Malcolm [Jenkins] and then the rest of it, we'll go see how it shakes itself out. Nolan's experience was as a dime mostly for us. He was really good at it, but could he be an outside corner? And I think he showed to us that he could be an outside corner. He's playing really well right now.

Q. Is that what you thought he was when you signed him as a free agent?

COACH KELLY: We didn't know exactly what he was. We knew he was an outstanding special teams player and we thought he had an opportunity to be a corner for us, and we would see how he developed. And the credit really goes to him in terms of how hard he's worked at making himself not only  and he was a great special teams player for us last year, but not just a good special teams player, but then taking that step to becoming a starting corner this week. And he's doing a really great job of it right now.

Q. Has it been decided yet that Tobin is the starter at right guard?

COACH KELLY: No, we are still looking at that. We have not been in pads yet. Our two big work days are today and tomorrow. Matt will get the first shot at it, but we'll take a look at how that goes these next few days here.

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