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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

Q. Did you envision being held to only 139 yards today?

COACH CHIP KELLY: Obviously, no. You go into the game with a game plan thinking you can execute, but I'll give them credit.  They did a hell of a job on defense and played better than us today.

* Q.  What was the game plan on offense?  You talked about how good their secondary was.*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  We tried to establish the run.  Thought we could do a better job up front.  Obviously, we didn't get that started the way we wanted to get it started and they did a good job.  We had a couple shots there.  We got them with [TE Zach] Ertz on one play, but besides that, there wasn't a lot to write home about offensively today.

*           Q.  What was the effect of the RB LeSean McCoy fumble in the third quarter?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  That was a huge turnover.  Anytime you turn the ball over, especially in that area, especially when it turns into points. You come out, hopefully ‑‑ it's a close game, you can establish something in that first drive of the second half and then kind of get some momentum going on your side, but that really hurt at that point in time.

*           Q.  Why did you decide to punt with three minutes left in the game?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  I just didn't think we were going to convert.  I didn't want to give them the ball right there.

*           Q.  What happened on the QB Mark Sanchez interception to WR Riley Cooper down the stretch?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  He got flushed in the pocket.  I think he was just looking as he came out.  I don't think he saw the corner coming.  The corner came back inside on Cooper, so I have to ask him specifically, but he didn't get a real good chance to set his feet in the pocket. He stepped up in the pocket, and I don't think he saw [CB Byron] Maxwell.

*           Q.  Your decision to go for it on fourth down early in the game, down at the five‑yard line?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  I just thought we were going to get the first down.

*           Q. CB Bradley Fletcher's pass interference in the third quarter, what did you see?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  From where I was?  I don't get a good view.  I'm like everybody else. I kind of wait until I got to the replay.  I don't have a great view.  I'm 30, 40 yards away.

*           Q.  You had a lot of questions for the officials before the half.  Did that have to do with Seattle QB Russell Wilson throwing the ball out of bounds?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  No.  We always have conversations with them just to try to get interpretations, so I wouldn't read too much into that.

*           Q.  What did you think about how Wilson was able to get rid of the ball?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  Again, I think that a big thing is that we couldn't generate enough pressure and get him down.  There was a couple of times you thought you had him sacked, you could hear the crowd going crazy, we thought we had him down, then he comes out of it.  He kept a lot of drives alive for them, and you know, we have to do a better job.

We talked about it when he was scrambling.  You have to plaster him in coverage and that's where a lot of his big plays occurred.  We didn't do a good enough job containing him, and he was obviously the difference for them offensively today.

*           Q.  Third down on the offensive side, what were the issues?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  We just didn't convert.  I think a couple of times, we had the receiver or there was a couple of sacks we gave up.  I think it was a breakdown.  Sometimes it was in the protections and other times they were kind of close in coverage and just didn't get an opportunity.

So we'll go look at the film and try to correct it.  But again, you have to give them credit; they're a very good defense, and they rose to the challenge today and we didn't.

*           Q.  Seattle had a third-and-13 before the half, you called a timeout.  Do you think your offense could have scored?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  I thought our defense was going to stop them on third-and-13, so I was trying to give us time on the clock so we had ample enough time if we were going to put a drive together to try to get some points at the end of the half.  I didn't think when we sacked them, if it stayed where it was, I wasn't going to call a timeout but when you sack them and you get them back and it's third-and-13, hopefully we get a stop on defense and now we've got the ball back with about a minute to go in the game and we got a timeout.

*           Q.  Several players said during the week they thought this was a measuring stick sort of game. Is it going to be easy to get them excited about trying to meet the Cowboys again?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  I don't think anybody has to get revved up to play the Cowboys.  It's a division game.  It's an opportunity to establish yourself in the NFC East and that's what this season is about right now.  I don't think anybody is going to come in on Tuesday with their heads down.

*           Q.  Not being able to get the ground game going, what were the issues there?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  I thought they did a good job up front.  They don't move very much.  I thought their defensive line did a really good job against our offensive line.  I think it's a combination; sometimes it was there and we didn't hit it appropriately, and then other times there were people falling off the blocks, people splashing off the blocks.  We just have to sustain better up front.

*           Q.  Their defense, there were a lot of questionable calls, not a lot of pass interferences on them.  Do you feel it was officiated well?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  I have no comment about the officiating.

*           Q.  Was that the most physical secondary you think this team has seen so far this year?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  No.  We've seen that a lot.  I think that's kind of the nature of what this league is all about.

*           Q.  On the defensive side, you had a few penalties called on a few third downs.  There were calls on those plays to extend the drive.  What effect do you think that had?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  It always has an effect.  I think you're in position where you're playing good defense and you have to get them off the field on third down.  And then when have you a penalty that keeps the drive alive, that obviously hurts you.

*           Q.  How would you assess how Sanchez did today?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  A lot of times you go through, you have to look at the film to understand that, but I think he made some good decisions at times.  He hit through a nice ball to [TE Zach] Ertz, caught him on the sideline, did a good job on the motion on the goal line when no one adjusted with [WR Jeremy] Maclin.  Got the ball out to him.  I think he was under some pressure today, literally, not blitz pressure, but some just four‑down pressure that we hadn't gotten.

We've usually done a better job cleaning the pocket.  But I think he missed a couple of throws, too, and he'll be the first to tell you that.

In everything, I think when you play a game like this, it doesn't fall on anybody's one shoulder.  It falls on everybody and collectively we have to own it.  We didn't play until enough to win and we didn't play well enough in all three phases to win this football game.

*           Q.  When Wilson was in the pocket throwing the ball out of bounds, did you get an explanation of why?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  Yeah, that his receiver was in the area, and it doesn't matter if the ball goes, according to them, 100 yards over the receiver. They're allowed to do that.

*           Q.  What about the job CB Richard Sherman did on WR Jeremy Maclin today? Sort of shut him out a bit there.*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  Yeah.  I think Richard is the best corner in the league right now.  I think he's proven that in terms of he's got 23 interceptions since 2011, eight more than anybody else.  He's a good football player.

But I don't think we did a good enough job sometimes from the protection standpoint to give [Sanchez] more time to kind of throw and get to them either. But I do think Richard Sherman played really, really well today.

*           Q.  In the few minutes you had in there, what's the message to the team?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  We just have to stick together as a group and that's what this deal is all about.  We've got an opportunity next week to go play Dallas.  We're at home for the last time.  We've been really good at home, and it can give us a two‑game lead in the league.

It's a big deal for us in terms of going out and playing Dallas and playing competitive.  Same thing I just told you guys, they played better than us.  They were better than us today.  Hopefully we'll get an opportunity to see them down the road, but we have to make that happen.  We just can't sit here and they're not going to give it to us.  We have to go out and win and it starts with our preparation for Dallas coming up.

*           Q.  We know you think in terms of game-to-game, but with today's home‑field advantage possibilities in the playoffs, do you feel that?*

COACH CHIP KELLY:  No.  I mean I'm not thinking about that right now.  Our attention has to go to Dallas and winning the NFC East, so we're not concerned with anything else besides that.  Control what you can control, and that's what we can control right now.

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