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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

*On the play of the offensive line. * It was the best they've played this year. Obviously, we've had a lot of different lineups in there through the course of the season. Two games with this group this year, I thought they did a really good job.

On the first two drives – setting the tone and team execution. Our guys came ready to play, played with great energy. We were excited about playing. We knew that it was a non-traditional week. We had nothing to do with the schedule and if you tell us when to play, we're going to go play. I think our guys had a great approach starting Sunday. There were a lot of guys in the NovaCare Sunday night while our coaches were starting to implement the game plan. There were a lot of guys running around the building doing rehab and recovery protocols. That kind of tells you about the mindset of this group. We had three really good days - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – and they were excited about playing.

On the play of the run defense, winning the battles up front.

I just thought our guys played hard. We knew, especially, like I said earlier, a non-traditional week, you've got to play with a lot of energy and you've got to bring it, and I thought our guys did.

On holding Dallas to a field goal following the McCoy fumble.

That's huge. That's what we talk about all the time.  Just because you turn it over doesn't mean that you've got to give up points, and I think when our defense can hold them to three instead of seven, that's a little deflating for them. I thought our defense played really well all day long.

On the play of Casey Matthews.

I thought Casey did a great job.  Obviously, we didn't have the rotation.  Acho was out but, really, if we had an injury, we'd have to go to {Acho} but we were trying to see if we could have him a little bit because we do have, obviously, a couple of really good games coming up in  here in December.  I thought Casey played well.  I thought the whole group on defense played really well.

On the defensive game plan and the play of the defense overall.

I thought those guys did a great job with the game plan.  Obviously, you knew you're going up against DeMarco Murray, leading the National Football League in rushing.  And then they've got weapons like Witten and Dez Bryant, obviously, and Tony.  They're playing really, really well on the offensive side of the ball so I thought our defense overall did a really nice job.

On LeSean McCoy bouncing back after his fumble.

I think LeSean's just a resilient guy.  We always have said since the beginning he's our guy.  I thought he came to play.  He's a big-time player, had a great game down here last year and obviously had another good game again this afternoon.

On the play of Mark Sanchez.

I think he's just getting more comfortable.  I said it earlier in the week: he missed an entire year of football.  There's no substitution for playing.  He played well in the preseason but then sat until the Houston game, so I think he's just starting to get more comfortable, starting to recognize the looks he's getting and sometimes getting to a second receiver, a third receiver, keeping things alive.

What allowed Sanchez to pick up the yards he got on the ground?

They were trying to bend the end and tried to take away the back and obviously, when they try to outnumber us, the quarterback can be a weapon at certain points of time during the game.  We saw some thing from the sidelines and just knew that if they presented the same look, there's an opportunity for us to pick up some yards.

On if he's seen the team get better late in the season.

Yeah, I've seen the team improve as the season's gone along.  Besides Nick, we're relatively healthy.  I think that we had our fair share early and I think we weathered that storm and I that our guys are improving their approach to training on a daily basis.  I think that their daily disciplines – they thrive on those things - and I think it's showing right now.  We're just getting better; our approach is good because we're going to play meaningful football in December.

Did the team make a statement in the division?

We're not into statements; we're just into playing football games.  We've given ourselves an opportunity to play meaningful football in December.  In this league every week is a whole different deal, a whole different animal, so, "no."

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