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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

Q.  Were you surprised that things got out of hand so early?

COACH KELLY:  I mean, I wouldn't say surprised, but I thought our defense really came to play.  They had a great week of preparation.  We're excited about the challenge of going against [Carolina QB] Cam [Newton]. We created a lot of pressure early to start the game with those two turnovers in the first three plays. I thought obviously set the tone for the day.

Q.  WR Jordan Matthews' game, was that a conscious effort to get him the ball?

COACH KELLY:  No, it's just matchups.  We felt like we could exploit some things inside.  I think our tight ends, [TE Brent] Celek and [TE Zach] Ertz, had a good day inside.  We thought we matched up really well if they were going to play us in man. They played a ton of man early.  So we felt those inside receivers had really good chances in the matchups.

Q.  I think QB Mark Sanchez is perfect in the red zone now --

COACH KELLY:  In the two games he's played for us?

Q.  You said if you guys don't turn the ball over --

COACH KELLY:  That's the magic formula.  If you don't turn it over down there, you've got a shot.

Q.  Is Sanchez executing better in the red zone?

COACH KELLY:  No, I think he made some really good decisions down there.  They came on an all-out blitz the one time he hit Jordan. He bought a little bit more time and got the ball off. But I thought he made some good decisions.  He missed a few down there too. There's a couple there early that we thought we had.  Especially the one we settled for a field goal on.  Obviously, for his first game, I thought he did a good job.

Q.  On RB Darren Sproles first touchdown, what did you see there on that play call?

COACH KELLY:  They were packing the box and we were trying to get the ball to the perimeter.  I thought [WR] Riley Cooper had a huge block on the play, and we got the ball to the outside.  But they were consciously doing a good job of trying to take away our inside run.  I thought they did a good job of it.

Q.  What was the pass rush doing to get so much pressure on them?

COACH KELLY:  We said it all along.  I think our pass rush has done a good job of getting people off their spot.  I thought they got home today.  I thought they did a good job attacking the throwing arm. We created fumbles and were going after them.  It was everybody.  [DE] Fletcher [Cox] had a big one.  [DE] Vinny [Curry] was in there the whole time.  [LB] Brandon Graham had a really good game. [LB] Trent [Cole] had a good game. I think there was a group of guys and I think the fact that we can rotate that group so it's not the same guys that are in all the time, we're keeping fresh legs in there, I thought our defensive coaches did a good job of the rotation.

Q.  You had 17 sacks in the last two home games.  Is that something they feed off the emotion of the crowd?

COACH KELLY:  I think everybody fed off the emotion of the crowd.  It was electric out there, especially early.  My main man [national anthem performer Navy Petty Officer First Class (Retired) Generald Wilson] set the tone with the Star‑Spangled Banner again.  Once we get that, we got rolling so it was a good day.

Q.  You've talked before about Matthews size in the slot.  I think the touchdown, the first one that Sanchez threw, he went up and got it.  We're just seeing that continuously?

COACH KELLY:  You're starting to see it. I think Jordan's getting better as he gets more comfortable in terms of what we're doing.  He still made a few mistakes out there.  A couple wrong assignments at times.  But he's starting to feel more comfortable out there.  I think you saw his speed a few times there when we got him matched up on some of those shallow crosses where he really took off and ran.  We're finally getting what we had seen from him in college, the run after the catch stuff which was really productive for us.

Q.  LB Connor Barwin has 10.5 sacks this year.  What was the biggest key to his dominance?  What do you see from him this year?

COACH KELLY:  I just think his preparation and how hard those guys prepare and train.  And I told those guys we had a great week of training.  And when you have a great week of training, it gives you an opportunity to go out and play.  It's a group that really works.  I think you're seeing that when we get a chance to get out on the field.

Q.  It seems that Sanchez and Matthews were pretty good going back to training camp and before that.  Do you think there is something to that?

COACH KELLY:  I mean, I think there is a comfort level there.  But I think the matchups, we felt we had matchups with our tight ends and slot receivers going into this game.  That was something we were specifically looking for in the game plan.

Q.  What separates a great week of training from every other week?

COACH KELLY:  Their mindset.  They go out there every day and [worked] really consistently.  Can we make it a really good Tuesday and just think about that and not going any farther?  Understand what's going to be done that day.  What is our emphasis going into third down?  What is our emphasis going into red zone?  What is our short yardage situation look like and how attentive they are?  I think this group enjoys it. They embrace the process, and they enjoy coming into work.  It's a great group to work with, and I think we're seeing that.  They also understand they get out of it exactly what they put into it.  The more we put in during the week, the more success we'll have on Sundays or Mondays or whenever they ask us to play.

Q.  With the short week, do you spend less time going over the game just past and more time with the game upcoming?

COACH KELLY:  No, we have a pretty good schedule in terms of what we'll do. We'll be in tomorrow afternoon.  We're not going to go out on the field.  It's a little later in the year.  But we'll do some film work on both sides of the ball.  So we'll put this game to bed and start our attack for Green Bay, and Wednesday we'll get back into what we do on a normal Wednesday.

Q.  You say your offense is the same regardless of the quarterback. When you have a guy starting for the first time in two years, is there anything you tried to do to get him on a roll in some way?

COACH KELLY:  No, we really didn't.  Just going into the game we always try to feel how are they trying to defend us and what are they trying to take away?  I thought they did a good job early trying to take away the run.  It was a weird game anyways.  We didn't have many plays in the first quarter.  We only had nine minutes of possession in the first half, but you're up 31‑7.  But because we scored on defense and on the punt return, it got a little different, getting out of the normal flow that you normally have.  We didn't do anything different with him to get him going.  I thought he handled everything we threw at him.  I think, again, we did a good job.  We talked about it, and preached it, and have been working on it.  But we didn't turn the football over, and that was a big part of the game today.

Q.  What did you think of the tempo on that ten-play, 91‑yard drive?  It was in the spot before the snap went off, do you think that was the best you guys have done all year?

COACH KELLY:  I thought we had a good rhythm going on that one.  I'd have to look at all of it, but I thought we had a good rhythm going.  Part of it is our guys kind of feed off of that, and not let them get set and try to get up and get ready.

Q.  On the 4th-and-2 that you went for in the first half, what did you like about that situation?

COACH KELLY:  It was too far for a kick.  Talking to [special teams coordinator Dave] Fipp,  I think it was on the 38.  We have to get it to the 35 to kick it.  I didn't feel like we were going to go a plus 50 punt on the 38‑yard line.  If it went in the end zone, you only get 18 yards off the deal.  I thought our defense was playing well, and I had no problem putting them back out on the field in that situation.

Q.  CB Bradley Fletcher with the interception and made a lot of plays on batted balls --

COACH KELLY:  I thought Bradley and [CB] Cary [Williams] both.  It was good they finally came up with interceptions today.  They've been so close.  They played really well last week against Houston.  I think that's carrying over.  Two guys, again from a training standpoint, that are deliberate in what they do.  They work extremely hard at it, and you're starting to see that.  They played really well last week and really well this week.  Hopefully we'll continue to build on it, because we have a big challenge coming up here on Sunday in Green Bay.

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