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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On what he saw from quarterback Nick Foles and the wide receivers: "Yeah, we had a few drops at the wideout spot.  Also had a couple balls that could have been placed a little better, so they've got to come up with the catches and we've got to play some ball a little bit better."

On drops from rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews: "I think you watch his first game when he came out against Chicago, he had a couple of drops and bounced back big in the second preseason game against the Patriots.  So some of it is just concentration, finger tips, eyes to the catch, make sure you're tucking it away.  Little fundamental things but nothing we're concerned about."

On whether defenses have given Foles different looks than they did last year: "People are pretty straightforward in terms of what they've played us in the first two games.  We got a lot more zone in the Jacksonville game, but that's kind of their M-O.  I think we saw predominantly a four down nickel front the entire game against Indianapolis.  They did a good job of mixing up man and zone, but it was nothing we haven't seen before."

On what's gone wrong when Foles has misfired on throws: "It's a lot of things.  It's a rush, sometimes he doesn't have a chance to set his feet so he gets pushed off his mark a little bit.  It's always a combination.  There's not just one thing.  If there's one thing, it's easily correctible.  But if there's not just one thing, you have to work on everything.  So sometimes the pocket gets collapsed a little bit and they get walked back into him.  Sometimes he needs to step up a little bit when it's a wide outside rush.  There are a lot of combination on those things."

On what it says when Foles, running back LeSean McCoy and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin acknowledge they can play better: "I think they're very honest in their assessments and understand they can improve.  No one should be patting themselves on the back anywhere.  We're fortunate to be 2 0.  We've done a great job of coming back in both games, but there is a lot of work in every aspect of the game that we need to work on.  So that's the great thing about this group, they understand that."

On what stood out about the Eagles' fourth-quarter rally: "I don't think anything stood out in particular.  It's what we've trained to do and how we play is what we expect our guys to play like.  I think they have a good sense of and understanding of what we're trying to get accomplished.  They don't panic in those situations because we've tried to as a staff to put them in those situations from a training standpoint so they've been through that before.  So it's really just go back to your preparation, and we say it all the time.  No one rises to the occasion.  You always sink to your level of training.  That's how we trained them.  You heard our guys talk about it after the game.  This is no different than period 22 on a Wednesday or Thursday for us."

On how the addition of safety Malcolm Jenkins has manifested itself on the field and on film: "Yeah, I think obviously there is a little bit more.  There is a guy back there making the calls and being distinct in terms of getting everybody set back there.  But he always has a knack for making big plays.  Came up huge again last night.  He was around the ball, had a couple of pass break ups, tackles.  Just what we expected when we got him here.  We thought he was obviously our top target, and I think it's paying off for us right now."

On what tight end Zach Ertz has done to become such a viable option downfield: "I just think there are a lot of match up things when you have Zach.  So if you do choose to play man, you have to man everybody.  You can't just man the two outside receivers.  So if you do, I think our inside receivers, himself and the running backs coming out of the backfield become match up problems too.  So the quarterback always in man situations is trying to find his best match up.  So I think he's got some unique qualities that he's tough for a linebacker to cover, but he's also hard for a [defensive back] to cover because he's 6'5".  So there is kind of a catch-22 in terms of how you're going to defend him."

On whether the defense's improvement over the course of the game is thanks to conditioning: "I think it's a combination of everything.  I think there is a feeling out process how people are going to play you.  They ran the ball more than we thought they were going to run the ball in the first half, so you have to make some adjustments in that standpoint.  But I also think our players during the course of the game as it went along, you can see their confidence growing and getting an understanding of what we're trying to do.  So I think it's a combination of all those things."

On what McCoy needs to do to reach last year's level: "I mean, I think rating his production against last year is meaningless in my opinion.  We're not trying to win rushing titles.  We're trying to win football games.  I think he's always a very, very harsh critic of himself, which is an admirable quality.  I think that's one thing that pushes him.  That's why he trains so hard in this off season.  Our standards is trying to win every football game each week, and that's it.  So he's still getting 20 plus touches yesterday again.  Sometimes things are geared to take him away.  If they're geared to take him away, then other guys have to make plays.  We have enough weapons around LeSean where you have to pick your poison so to speak in terms of who you have to defend.  People are honed in on him and rightfully so.  Now it opens the field up for some of the other guys.  So some of our big plays have all occurred on play-action passes. There's a reason for that.  If you're going to gang up on the run game, we need to have guys open in play-action pass.  He's doing a good job, he's training well.  It just depends on how people are going to defend us on a week to week basis."

On what kind of intel they had about running back Darren Sproles before trading for him: "Is this like a spy movie?  I mean, we watched game film and just studied him."

On Sproles' personality and work ethic: "I knew about his work ethic.  When you talk to coaches that dealt with him, I know Norv Turner raved about him at the Chargers, so you knew the type of work ethic and person he was.  You listen to some of the reports about everybody loving him as a teammate and all of that.  So, you know, you go back to the background stuff that the scouts did when he was coming out of college at Kansas State and what they had to say about him and you read all of those reports.  It's the same general kind of intel that we have for any free agent.  You're trying to do your research and find out about them."

On what he knows about linebacker Mychal Kendricks's injury: "He had a calf [injury].  Again, this is the second week of the season.  We had 17 last week.  I don't talk to the trainers until after this meeting, so I don't have anything from last night.  He's got a calf.  They sent him to get an MRI.  We do that with everybody that has a muscle thing, so we'll just see where he is.  But I don't have anything else besides that."

On what he saw from guard/tackle Dennis Kelly and tackle Andrew Gardner: "Thought they both competed really, really well against a real big stout, strong front.  It helped having someone like Dennis who is a big, physical player in there.  And I thought both those guys held up really well for their first starts to their career, actually the first start to the offense.  Dennis started before, and Andrew just getting him.  I thought both those guys did a pretty good job their first chance in the limelight."

On whether the Eagles thought about acquiring Sproles before or after they played the Saints in the playoffs: "Neither.  The playoff game was nothing    really it was in February when you heard he was going to get released.  But it wasn't after the playoff game that we have to get that player.  He was under contract with New Orleans.  He didn't know he was going to be released.  So when the story came out or when the intel came out that he may be released, then we started doing some research on him.  Obviously, I think some other teams are interested, and that's why it ended up being a draft pick and not a straight release."

On what he saw from Sproles' 57-yard catch: "He's running the man route versus the linebacker, and set him up and stuck it and took it."

On whether he talked to kicker Cody Parkey after Parkey missed a kick in the first half: "I didn't say anything to him, and I didn't see any difference with him coming off the field.  I didn't see him hanging his head or whatnot.  Honestly, if I was going to say anything, I would have said kick it straight because there is not much else I'm going to say to a guy in that situation.  He knew he missed it.  Everybody in the stadium knew he missed it.  We knew he missed it. He just seems to carry himself in a certain way that you don't have to worry about him.  You don't look over and say, he's down, I have to go pick him up.  It's the same thing when he hit the first game winner, and then they called the timeout.  We were on the field and they said there was a timeout, so we were coming off the field.  I looked over and he had a big smile on his face like all right, I've got this.  There is a lot about his make up that you really like."

On whether the Colts ran parts of the defense he saw from Stanford University: "From Indianapolis?  No.  That was nothing.  Stanford was a 3 4 spacing team that played us in 3 4 spacing all the time.  Those guys played us in nickel almost the entire game."

On guard/tackle Wade Smith's progress: "He's about a week along, as much as we can expect.  He would have played if there was an injury.  He was going to be the first guard in before [C] David [Molk].  David was going to be the center in.  Really, Wade probably would have been the first guy in.  We probably would have bumped [G/T] Todd [Herremans] or [G/T] Dennis [Kelly] out to tackle if we had a tackle injured because we only carried a guard and a center in our seven guys with the two guys up.  So he would have been the first guy in last night, if necessary.  Been really impressed with how quickly he's picked everything up.  He's a real veteran of it and is a really, really smart football player.  So hopefully we didn't - fortunately for us, we didn't have to get to him.  But I think we would have some confidence if he went in the football game right now."

On how he decides to go with Dennis Kelly or Wade Smith Sunday: "I thought Dennis did really well, so I'm not anticipating anything different right now."

On what he thought of the potential contact on Malcolm Jenkins' interception: "There was contact.  When you watch it, I think any penalty when you look at it in super slow motion – it seemed to me when you watched it on the coaches' tape, it was a bang bang play.  But if they threw a flag on it, you couldn't argue it because there was contact."

On what makes Sproles such a good screen guy: "I think he has the ability to go from 0-to-60 so to speak very quickly.  A lot of guys, sometimes it takes them a while to get going.  He can kind of find his way out into the screen, whether he's got to go inside the tackle or outside the tackle, and then be patient enough once he gets the ball to take off.  But I think he also has great vision to understand where his blocks are coming from and sets them up really, really well.  When he has the opportunity to go, he can hit it really, really quickly.  So he's got a unique skill set.  I also think he's difficult to see sometimes when he's coming up inside the line of scrimmage and working it out into the screen path."

On whether he noticed defenses getting tired in the fourth quarter: "I don't know.  I think obviously in the Jacksonville game, it was a little bit more obvious because of the conditions.  It was a pretty hot day outside.  We felt, obviously when we're playing the Colts in game two, that they were pretty big across the front.  I think they did a good job of really rotating their defensive line, so getting them in and getting them out.  But I think everybody gets fatigued when you get towards the end of the game, especially such an intense game like that."

On whether the Eagles try to exploit defenses when they're tired: "I don't think exploit is the word we're looking at.  We're still calling the same plays that we called in the first quarter.  It's just sometimes I think maybe they work a little bit better at the end when the other team is fatigued.  But I don't know if - we don't have a go to call so to speak, not let's run this because they're this."

On whether he wants Foles sliding feet first at the expense of a few yards: "It depends on how many people are around him.  But there are certain times we're coaching him to kind of dive for it, and obviously you can get a little extra yardage.  But if you go feet first, they can't hit you, but if you go head first, they can hit you.  So you have to see what's around you.  I know [QB] Mike [Vick] used to get critiqued for that all the time because Mike never went feet first, but Mike used to take some shots.  So there is a fine line there.  Obviously, if it's that close to the first down, you're hoping they go that way.  But if Nick gets hurt and banged up, you're saying he should have went feet first.  We're hoping for us though offensively, we need to convert on third-and-1 after that.  Because we pulled up a little short on the slide isn't the answer why we didn't get the first down.  We didn't block it up the right way when we went for it on third down."

On whether he needs to get the outside receivers going: "It's not alarming to me.  I think we lead the league in yards and lead the league in points.  But I want everybody to play better.  I want our outside receivers to play better.  I want our inside receivers to play better, the running backs, offensive line, I want everybody.  But I still think we're getting production.  The good thing about this group is we're built in a manner that I think we have more than just two weapons.  So if for some reason they're going to say, hey, we're going to go try to play press man and play those guys out there, then we have to be able to beat you other places.  That is one of the reasons it happened to us last year.  I think bringing [WR] Jordan [Matthews] in, and getting [TE Zach] Ertz a little more playing time and getting another running back in there is who is going to match up with your inside guys?  We got into that situation last year, and our outside guys got shut down.  So now you have to get to your slots and tight ends."

On whether wide receiver Riley Cooper needs to improve his production: "Hit him on another one that I think he put down. He had two drops in there, so really just, again, game plan.  I know that maybe when you guys - let's pick apart something.  Well, we don't get a lot of plays to the outside.  We don't care where the production comes from.  You get 460 yards offense, and scoring 30 points, it's enough for us to win, so we're happy with it."

On whether Cooper had enough separation on his routes: "He's getting the same separation he had last year.  It's the same thing.  If we get an opportunity to make plays, we've got to make plays.  But I'm very happy with Riley.  We had the same conversation the first two or three games into last season, and he had an outstanding season."

On training less than 24 hours after a game: "Yeah, we do our pregame stuff all the time.  So whenever our stuff is done, except for the last game, and we got our last game done yesterday, we're ready to go as a staff.  We've been game planning all day.  We've been in here since early this morning.  We'll go out this afternoon, and we expect our guys to have a Tuesday.  It will be a walkthrough because we had a game yesterday, so it's a little different than a normal Tuesday training session.  But our eyes are set on Washington and I expect our guys to be a hundred percent focused on that."

On whether he saw the ESPN screen shot of his play sheet: "No, I was actually at the game, so I didn't have a chance to see the TV copy yet."

On whether anybody's talked to him about it yet: "Nobody's talked to me about it yet.

On the fact that you could read word-for-word his play sheet: "That's why they're the worldwide leader, right?"

On whether it's upsetting: "I don't know.  I don't really watch the TV copy.  There isn't much to do about it.  They already did it.  You want me to complain about it?"

On going up against Washington wide receiver DeSean Jackson this Sunday: "Yeah, we're excited.  They have a bunch of really good receivers with DeSean and Pierre Garcon and [WR Andre] Roberts, and [WR Ryan] Grant, the young kid out of Tulane is another good receiver.  So it's going to be a big challenge for us."

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