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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

Do you have an update on Nick Foles? COACH KELLY:  Yeah, Nick's doing better.  He met with the trainers today.  He won't practice today.  He has to go through a set protocol of when he's allowed back.  He'll have to see an independent before he's allowed back.  But in talking to him, he said he feels like he's doing better.

Has he passed the ImPACT test?

COACH KELLY: He hasn't taken that yet from what I understand.

How did Michael Vick do yesterday?  What was he able to get done?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, Mike got some team reps for the first time.  He had done some seven on seven, but hadn't been really involved in team.  He did a little bit of team last week, but it was scout team.  So got some reps that he felt decent.  The biggest test for him is how does he bounce back?  Where is he from one day to the next day, and where he is at.  I can be honest with you, I don't think he ran a hundred percent.  He wasn't running full sprints out there yesterday in practice.  But he looks like he's progressing.

Did he take all first team reps yesterday?

COACH KELLY:  No, him and Matt [Barkley] switched.

How about Bradley Fletcher and Patrick Chung?

COACH KELLY:  Pat practiced fully yesterday.  Fletch was limited, and Jake [Knott] is out right now.  Didn't practice at all.  But we'll see how those guys progress.  Pat was encouraging.  Said he felt good.  We'll see again with Pat.  It's kind of a daily thing is how does he bounce back.  If he did some work on Tuesday, how do you come back on Wednesday?

It seemed like wolf Earl Wolff is progressing each week.  How does that help with the safeties, especially without having Chung back there?

COACH KELLY:  Obviously it helps when you can develop some depth.  That's what we felt when we got Earl in here.  The biggest thing is talent.  But the biggest thing with Earl is his lack of experience.  As he keeps playing now, we've played seven games.  He's had four preseason games and seven games.  The one thing with Earl, and I think Earl is like our defense has been on a weekly basis.  You're starting to see that he's starting to feel more comfortable.  And now once you start to feel comfortable, all the little teeny details of can you hold your disguise a little longer instead of not sure where number two is and you run around just to get lined up before the snap and you do the little things.

That's what Earl is doing and our defense overall in general is doing.

How would you assess the way special teams has played?

COACH KELLY:  I've been pleased with them.  I think there are particular plays where you wish it was a little bit different, but I think overall we're getting good effort.  Sometimes the bottom of our roster has been transformed a little bit with some injuries.  So you're throwing some good new guys in there that have been integral, special teams guys.  Losing Jason Phillips, who we thought was going to be a special teams player for us, Jake Knott's a guy that's been a special teams player for us, but he's out.  So I think [special teams coordinator Dave] Fipp has been moving guys around.  The performance in the Denver game was not something -- the two plays in the Denver game, the blocked punt and kickoff return for a touchdown.  But I'm happy with where we are.  I think like everything we continue to improve in that area, but I think they've done a decent job.

Who shared the reps with Mike Vick yesterday?

COACH KELLY:  Matt Barkley.

Did you say ‑‑

COACH KELLY:  I didn't say 50‑50.  He said did Mike take all of them and I said, no, Matt got some too.

Was it normal where Mike had a lot and Matt had a few?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, yeah. When you talk to Mike, did you get the feeling he'll be ready to go on Sunday?

COACH KELLY: I just know Mike will be ready to go in practice today.

Jason Kelce was critical of himself after the last Giants game.  How do you think he performed?

COACH KELLY:  I think Jason Kelce takes everything to heart.  That's what's awesome about Jason Kelce.  He demands perfection from himself, and I think he knows I don't think anybody's going to get perfection, but that is a standard he sets for himself.  I think if Jason Kelce graded out at 99%, he'd be pissed off.  That is just the type of guy he is.  That's why he's awesome to have on this team.  I don't think Jason played as poorly as he thought he played in the Giants game.  He's a competitor.  He thinks you should make every block.  He thinks you should make every correct call.  And he's really been the anchor for us in the middle there.

LeSean McCoy had his lowest rushing total on the year when you played the Giants. What did they do?

COACH KELLY: It just depends on what you're going to do.  I know Mike [Vick] ran for 79 yards in a quarter and a half.  So I think you can devote what you want to do to try to take one guy away.  If that be the case, then other guys have to step up.  Obviously DeSean [Jackson] had a good performance out wide.  If you're going to play man coverage and try to contain us in the box, other guys have to contribute in terms of being able to help and uncover some things.  There are a couple runs where LeSean hit it and came out the other side, and was one guy away from making it into a really big play.  So it's a game in terms of we need to execute a little bit better in the run game, obviously.  But I feel like if you're going to try to gang up on one aspect, we need to be able to lean on another aspect for us to be successful offensively.

Is it feasible that Mike Vick could run for 79 yards in a quarter and a half this game?

COACH KELLY:  Feasible, sure.

Would you feel comfortable playing him if he's at the same place where he is right now?

COACH KELLY:  We're going to wait till how he progresses and how he goes.  A lot of that comes from the feedback from Mike in terms of where he is.  I know he's progressed.  But to put a number on it, I'm not going to put a number on it.

Talk about Vick's toughness.  You've seen a lot of that.  Where's that kind of rank?

COACH KELLY:  I mean, that's one of his truly good qualities, and maybe a truly bad quality at times.  When you see him in the Redskins game trying to lead block on a play.  You know what I mean?  And I think you want a quarterback with that mentality, obviously, but you also, and I think he's done a better job from a decision making standpoint from that.  I don't think Mike's taken a lot of really big hits.  That's why I think for Mike it's frustrating.  He runs out of bounds and does what he's supposed to do and hurts his hamstring.  Where, I know probably in the back of his mind he was like if I just ran that guy over, I wouldn't have hurt my hamstring.  But I don't think he's taken the hits, and he's really been conscious of that of trying to get down, trying to get out of bounds and do things the right way.  That's why I think this is frustrating for him.  But in terms of Mike's toughness, I think it's a quality in all quarterbacks that I think is very underrated.

If you stand back there in the pocket and let a bunch of 300 pounders run at you and you're not supposed to look at them.  You're supposed to concentrate on the receiver or the reads you're supposed to do and then just let it go and know you're going to get hit, that takes a truly tough guy and for all guys.

I think Eli Manning is the same exact way.  You watch the hits that Eli has taken this year, and that is a quality ‑‑ if you're a real student of the game and the quarterbacks that stand in there and know they're going to get hit, there is an unblocked guy.

It's easy for a coach or someone watching the game.  The blitz is coming and you've just got to throw it hot.  You try that.  Let that guy run full speed in your face, not worry about he's coming and then drop the ball accurately to where it's supposed to go, and then that guy hits you.  That is the quality of that Mike has and it makes him a special player.

When you hired Bill Davis, you didn't know much about him. Pat Shurmur, you didn't know a lot about him.  What do you know about him after nine or ten months that you didn't know or initially surprised you?

COACH KELLY:  I don't think it surprised me.  We were pretty thorough in how we went about it.  I don't know if you guys remember that, but I think a lot of people were concerned that we took a long time hiring a defensive coordinator because we weren't just going to hire the first guy.  We were pretty thorough in who he worked for before and what was he like when he coached with them, and put them through an extensive interview here.  And Billy's what I thought he was going to be.  First and foremost, he's an outstanding teacher.  He can effectively communicate what he wants to happen.  He can get that done.  Some guys are great when they're in the classroom and they're Xs and Os and they can tell you how much football they have.  But the ability to be a great educator is can you transport that knowledge to the person who needs it?  I think that's what he does.  He's an effective communicator.  When you watch him in the room with our defensive staff first and foremost and making sure that everybody understands, and then with our players, if he doesn't get his point across the first time, then he'll find another way to get his point across.  But it's still, the interesting thing for me, and I'm really happy with how Billy has done it, is the defense we ran against the Cowboys is the same defense we ran at the beginning of the year when we were much maligned in terms of what are we doing and all those other things.  But Billy has conviction in what he's doing.  He's sound in how he approaches things.  I think he has answers.  If they're doing this, we need to do that.  But he's also really in tune with where our players are and how much they can handle.  A lot of times the answer is hey, we should do this, but I don't know if our players are prepared to do that.  So maybe he takes the shot that we're not doing what we need to do.  But he's a great communicator.  He's a really, really smart guy, and I'm really happy we've got him right now.

When do you need to feel comfortable with who your starting quarterback will be or if Mike was going to be ready, what day of the week?

COACH KELLY:  I don't go with comfort, because if it was my comfort I'd say right now I wish I knew where our starter was and he was 100 percent.  That would make me feel comfortable.  Would have made me feel comfortable last week.

When do you need to know?

COACH KELLY:  I need to know as close as we can get to go, but I can't force the health issue.  So from a standpoint where would I feel comfortable?  I would have felt comfortable four weeks ago.  But I don't control that.  That is the deal.  I don't mean to be evasive.  But two weeks ago, Nick Foles was ready to go, and on Friday at practice he hurts his groin, and it's basically, 'Holy crap, what do we do now?'  Thank goodness it wasn't a real serious deal.  It didn't affect him.  He went out and played really well in the Tampa Bay game.  But on the same day our emergency quarterback James Casey hurts his groin and is down and misses the game.

So I don't go to bed any day feeling comfortable about anything, because the next day you go out and practice and something can happen.  So I don't look at it from that standpoint.

When does Matt Barkley need to take more reps if, in fact, Mike was not going to be ready?

COACH KELLY:  It depends on if Michael's ready.  I don't have a timetable on that.  That is my point.  That is the answer I'm trying to give you.

How difficult is it to game plan for a team that you played just a few weeks ago?

COACH KELLY: That's a great question because I think can you stay up late at night going they did this last game and we did this, and they know that we did this, so we need to change because we think they're going to do that.  But they're in the same room saying the same exact thing is that they did this so we know they're going to change, so we're going to change, and you end up not sleeping the second time you play somebody.  You know what I mean?  So basically it's going to come down to we're going to do what we do.  They're going to do what they do.  They're a little different on the defensive side of the ball with the addition of Jon Beason at linebacker who wasn't there when we played them the last time.  Linval Joseph didn't play against us, so they've got a couple new parts in there.

But their defense is going to be very similar to what we saw a few weeks ago.  Our offense is going to be very similar to what we saw.  And our defense compared to their offense.  I think it's going to be similar, but it's who executes the best.  But I think you can go back and forth with they did this, and we're going to do that.  And they did this, so we counter that.  At the end of the day, it's still we're going to do what we do, and they're going to do what they do.  Whoever executes the best will win the football game.

After the Tampa game, you said the size of the Giants defensive line was a tough match‑up with your guys. What makes that a tough match‑up?

COACH KELLY:  I just think you've got two, now four big bodies inside that aren't what we normally see in this league.  There's not a lot of ‑‑ I mean, Shaun Rogers is a big dude now that can run.  Pat Shurmur said he looks like the State of Rhode Island out there when you look at the tape.

But the one thing that impresses you with him is how athletic he is.  Some guys in those situations, you're like alright, he's big, and physical, but you can get around and move him.  But I was really impressed when you saw him in action.  He's a really big athlete that can move.

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