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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On if the team game planned for the Jaguars or just worked on its game plan

COACH KELLY:"We did both a little bit. We didn't do a full game plan. We obviously didn't have a full week. They presented a different look than the first two teams we've faced.  They were a little closer to Carolina than they were the Patriots. We practiced against their looks a little bit, but not a full out 'This is a game. This is how we're going to do it.'"

On how he thought his team handled the Jaguars' defensive pressure.

COACH KELLY: We were okay. There were times we picked it up well and times we didn't.  That's what this is all about. We need to get back to work and make the corrections we need to make.  Sometimes they did some twists and got to us. I think our guys just need to get ready a little earlier.

On Michael Vick trying to throw the ball away

COACH KELLY: The one he threw the pick on, he was trying to throw away. We just need to make sure he understands what to do. We talked about it. But you have to put him in that situation. That's what this preseason is. Hopefully we get that stuff out of us. I thought he did a real good job keeping plays alive at times, but there are other times you have to cut your losses and get us back to the line of scrimmage and get the next snap off.

On Bryce Brown's fumble

COACH KELLY: He hasn't done that in the earlier games. He had it out there swinging it on that one fumble, but we talked about that.  

On his offense

COACH KELLY: We were our own worst enemy. We turned the ball over three times. One was a punt return and the other rolled through the end zone. Besides that we had two big penalties when we had two first downs that we had called back because we had penalties. Those are the things that kill drives…the turnovers and the penalties.

On the offensive line play

COACH KELLY: They are still a work in progress. It was good to get Jason (Peters) back out there. He got his first snaps in a long time in a game, so it was good to get him back out there and I'm sure he'll tell you he was little bit rusty at times. Things move a little faster in the game. You try to simulate it in practice, but the game work was good. It was crucial to get him back out there. Overall, there is no place where we can say, 'We're good to go.' It's always a constant 'We need to improve in every aspect of this football team.

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