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Quotes: Giants Quarterback Eli Manning

On how tough it was to get momentum going from the start of the game: "Yeah, it was tough. We got off to a good start with the first play with the completion to [WR] Victor [Cruz] but then after that we just had a lot of sacks, had penalties. We were kind of stuck in third. It felt like we were stuck in third and 20 a lot. It just seemed to be going backwards. They definitely won the physical battle and played a lot better than we did and we just didn't have any answers for them."

On how tough it was to be trying to make something happen and gain momentum on drives but then encountering a penalty or a turnover at a bad time: "Yeah, I mean I thought we did a few good things. We'd have a first down or have a little momentum and then just kind of got a bad play. Like you said, have a sack or have a penalty. We just got stuck in third and very long and it was just hard to convert on third downs. They did a good job defensively of changing some things up and having a good plan, but I think more than anything we hurt ourselves a lot of times and they made some nice plays."

On the emotional impact of seeing Cruz get injured, given what he's meant to him for the past three years: "It's tough. You never want to see a player go down. The tough part about this game is injuries, especially when guys are down for a long time and in pain. You don't like to see that, especially a buddy of mine and a guy that we've been through a lot together. I'm thinking about Victor and hopefully he can heal up quickly, whether surgery is involved or whatnot. I don't know all the details, but hopefully he can heal up quickly and get back to playing football."

On if he said anything to Cruz after his injury: "It was tough to say anything to him. I went there and patted him on the shoulder, but he was in some pain and it wasn't a great opportunity. Anything I would have said, he wouldn't have heard me."

On how his team overcomes the loss of Cruz in the lineup: "We don't have an option, we have to. Obviously, someone's going to have to fill that role whether it's in the slot or just being a leader. We're missing a captain with him. We have some guys that are going to have to fill in in that slot position and make some plays for us. I don't know exactly how it will be done. We'll figure that out with coaches whether they'll move some guys around or get [WR] Odell [Beckham Jr.] in the slot some or what we want to do. We'll find a way to keep playing and make plays and hopefully play better than we did today."

On how tough of a loss and setback this is after doing things well up to this point in the season: "I think it's a good reminder that you can't just show up on the field and have things go well for you automatically. You've got to earn it. I don't think our practices were bad. I thought our practices were good all week and we were prepared. It's just a matter of we got outplayed, we got out performed, and we got out physicaled and they made more plays than we did and we've got to get back to having a great week of practice and get our focus back on what we have to do to go out on gameday and play better."

On whether it shocked him at times of how quickly the pressure was on him: "They did a good job. They got good pressure and we didn't win many one-on-one matchups. And then a couple others. They just had good coverage and I held the ball a little too long and I have to do a better job on some instances of getting the ball out and getting through my progressions a little quicker. We'll look at the film and figure out what went wrong on all those plays that went bad and get better from it."

On what the Eagles did that they were able to get the pressure on him and have eight sacks during the game with seven being on him: "It wasn't anything that confused us. It wasn't any looks that we weren't prepared for. It wasn't like they were bringing bizarre blitzes that we hadn't seen. We should have had a hat for every guy who was coming. It was just a matter of coverage. They had pretty good coverage and passed off some crossing routes and each one's a little different. It's not all on the offensive line. Some of it is definitely on me and I've got to do a better job of getting the ball out quicker and going through my progressions."

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