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Quotes: Eagles Locker Room

QB Mike Vick

On what stands out about the game

VIck: I think we need to do a better job of finishing. We were able to put drives together, but were not able to finish off in the end zone. We had a couple of turnovers, I had an interception and we had a fumble coming out of the first quarter. All of those could have resulted in points. Other than that, we did a good. The good thing about this game is there are things we can work on to help us get up and down the road.

On if the Jaguars made their tempo slower

Vick: I don't know because we didn't set the pace. That's our motto. We go out there and set the pace of the game. That is our job as professionals to keep it (the tempo) going.

QB Nick Foles

On if he is keeping his approach the same

Foles: Yeah, I keep in the game even when I am not out there. I am expected to drive the ball down and put it in the endzone (when called). When I got out there, whatever played is called, I try and zone in on that play.

On the 99-yard game-winning drive

Foles: I didn't know we were challenging the play. I didn't even know the rule. My mindset was to go 99 yard. I wanted to get this thing going off the goal line. The guys were great. I thought the front five did a great job. They gave me a lot of time to throw. We did a lot more quick passes. We really opened up the run game. That was definitely a group effort and I thought they did a great job.

WR DeSean Jackson

On the game plan

Jackson: We watch film all week. I saw what they actually wanted to do but they didn't show us the same looks that they showed on film. That is something we have to adjust to and they did a good job of trying to keep Mike (Vick) protected and just give him time to look down the field. 

On first-team offense

Jackson: We had a couple turnovers, which were unfortunate for us, but besides that we did a good job. The second team came in and got the win for us and that was a good thing.

WR Riley Cooper

On the game

Cooper: We struggled a little bit tonight. We still have some work to do.

On the touchdown

Cooper: We were trying to get the ball snapped quick. There was no one over top of me. I kind of ran in the endzone and stopped, a little backyard ball and Mike found me and hit me. Great throw.

LT Jason Peters

On the offense

Peters: We drove the ball down and fumbled it again. We have to clean up stuff like that.  

On if they finished on a bad note to end the first half

Peters: I felt like it. We didn't execute the plays like we are supposed to but that stuff we can fix and that is why we play the preseason games.

LOLB Connor Barwin

On his interception

Barwin: I think they we were in a cover four and they had a slot receiver.  I rerouted him and he ran a little dig behind me. I turned around and saw the ball was coming so I put my hands up. It came right down to me.

On the first team defense

Barwin: I thought we played good. I think we are coming around. We had some things that got behind us which well can't allow. But I thought we played well and it's another step forward.

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