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Quotes: Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano

Opening statement: "Alright the only injury to report was Art Jones went out with an ankle injury. We'll evaluate that tomorrow and know more. Obviously very disappointing to say the least. They made the plays that they had to down the stretch. We came out and we played the exact type of game we wanted to play in the first half. We had scoring drives, we got off the field on defense, we held them in the red zone. We bottled up the run game. We gave up a few big plays, but again they stiffened their neck in the red zone and held them to two field goals. The second half, it was just we didn't play a 60-minute ball game. Turnovers killed us, long runs, big plays in the pass game, the screen game, just killed us. It's hard as heck to win in the National Football League even when you play as well as we played for the first 30 minutes. You've got to play a complete game and you can't beat yourself, whether it's penalties, turnovers, giving up big plays in the run game, giving up big plays in the pass game. Credit Philly, they made more plays than we did down the stretch and we just didn't have enough at the end of that deal to get the job done."

On whether wide receiver T.Y. Hilton was held on the Colts' fourth-quarter interception: "I think I had the same view as you did. It sure looked like it on the Jumbotron. We'll look at the tape."

On whether he thought about playing it safe on third down versus being aggressive which led to the interception: "We knew we had the field goal in the bag and again, I think everybody saw what happened on the play. The last thing we said to the quarterback was, 'Take care of the football.' If a guy gets whatever, gets tackled and drugged down, whatever it was, there's nothing the quarterback or anybody else can do about it. You're thinking is not wrong. Our thinking was the same thing. We've got the field goal, take care of the football. It didn't work out."

On his message to the team after its second straight loss: "Stick to the process. Come back in, go back to the grind. We've got a division game on the road. It's obviously a huge game. We've got to get on the board. We've got to win a football game. We've got to get that winning taste, get this losing taste out of our mouth right now. Again, we saw it for 30 minutes today. It's not a 30-minute game, it's 60 minutes. We've got stuff to clean up, and we'll go back to work and get ready like we always do."

On his team's inability to limit mistakes in the second half: "Yeah, the friendly fire, it will kill you. Just like I told them in there, it's so hard to win at this level. It doesn't matter how good you play, all the games come down to one-score games. It doesn't matter. You've got to eliminate friendly fire and you've got to finish games. You've got to put people away. We had a chance to put people away and we didn't do anything in the first part of that third quarter. We got off the field on defense but we couldn't do anything offensively. We had our chances again and we didn't capitalize."

On who made the play call on the interception play: "We game plan all week long and Pep and the offensive staff put together first, second down, third down, red zone, two-minute, four-minute, backed-up, whatever it is. So we've got a list of calls based on a bunch of film study, based on what we think they're going to give us. We put together the packages in certain down and distances so they're already laid out, they're already game planned."

On whether the makeup of the Colts lends itself to coming out of 0-2: "Look, we've got fighters. We've got grown men in there. We've got warriors in there and they'll get the job done. We'll get this ship righted. They'll come back to work, they've got the right mindset. We've got the right people, we've just got to eliminate friendly fire. You can't beat yourself. Again, credit Philly and Chip (Kelly) and his staff, they did a tremendous job. You can't give up the plays that we gave up. You play good, you play good, you play good and then all of a sudden they pop one for whatever it is. You give up two big scoring drives in the second half and then you can't convert, and the rest is history."

On whether he thinks his defense was worn down by the Eagles' pace: "We were tired, but again I think you look at the time of possession especially in the third half, I mean it worked out exactly the way we wanted to. You've got a 17-6 lead, the offense held the ball. I don't know, I think we had it for 17 minutes in the first half and I think we ended up with 36 minutes. It goes hand in hand. We hold the ball, we've got to finish with touchdown drives. The turnovers, those were the killers in the second half and then us giving up the big plays because they scored fast. I know our guys, they fought to the end and they left everything they had out on that field. But they were tired."

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