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Quotes: 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh

On the 49ers' defense: "Yeah, the defense turned in a real gem. And they were getting off the field early in the possessions with that no huddle attack. You don't give them the first, the second; first down, the third first down. They were doing a heck of a job getting off between the first first down and the second or none."

On running back Frank Gore: "Yeah, I think a lot of people had great effort and certainly none more than Frank. That first touchdown play we really needed, great effort by him. The speed, the angle, the way he got it in the end zone was something. I didn't think he was going to get it in. But he's a savvy player and made a 'Frank Gore' play. So yeah, Frank Gore."

On Gore's role on the 55-yard touchdown: "Yeah, it turned into a scramble play and [QB Colin Kaepernick] did a great job keeping his eyes up field. I had no idea, when he stopped, pulled it up and started to throw, I didn't know where he was going with the ball."

On what he was thinking about throw: "Yeah, across three quarters of the field. I really didn't see Frank. So, I didn't know where he was going with the ball. He did and knew what he was doing. That was a great play. Great play by Colin, great play by Frank. But yeah, back to the defense. Incredible job getting the turnovers, the holding the opposition in terms of yardage, etc., and also time of possession, I thought was one heck of a job. And we made other mistakes in other phases of the game and I thought the defense really hung in there, sucked it up and kept us in the ballgame."

On the defense's calls: "Within our calls, within our team defense. And I thought the pressure was there, the coverage was there. Some of the things we've been getting criticized for. The lack of a pass rush or the communication in the secondary, and I thought it was a great job by our defense, by our defensive coaches of some real improvement in our football."

On the difference between this week and last week: "We felt that was going to be a good part of our scheme, running the football. We put [G] Joe Looney ready to go as a tight end. I thought he did a real good job, especially when [TE] Vernon [Davis] went down. And guys were coming and going and I thought it was a real good job by our offensive coaches of having those contingency plans in place."

On linebacker Aaron Lynch: "Well especially on the, was it the third down play? He was really running, really pursuing and put pressure on the quarterback when he was out of the pocket. I thought he had some other fine plays; physical, power and speed. So, just keep coming Aaron. You're doing a nice job."

On who will get the game ball: "We'll see. It was a great team effort."

On the timeout called in the fourth quarter: "No, I wanted to take the delay of game, but I didn't tell him, I didn't tell him that. I got to tell him that. So, that's sloppy play on me. I should have alerted him if we didn't get the offsides to take the delay of game. Sloppy, sloppy coaching on my part."

On challenging the fourth-quarter Maclin catch: "Didn't know. Didn't know if he did or didn't. It would have been an amazing catch for him to catch it. I thought I saw on the replay board that the ball moved and slide a little bit. But great catch by him and would have set up a fourth down. I thought it was worth the challenge."

On the Eagles' offense not getting past midfield: "I was understanding. There were other ways they were getting their points, and that was part of their offense not being out on the field. The way they were getting those, got 21 points, their offense wasn't even out there. But the way our defense played and the key stops throughout the game was huge against a really good offense."

On what beating an undefeated team does for morale: "It's going to be good for morale, I would suspect. Good for my morale. But we got to keep going."

On Kaepernick's interception: "Yeah, he didn't see him. They were playing a man-free coverage. The defender on number two spun off, turned him over to the free player in the middle and I don't think Colin saw him. So, that was a tough one, but our guys overcame a lot as you saw today. There were things that happened in the game. Punt blocked for a touchdown. Rarely, it's tough to come back from that. Punt returned for a touchdown, tough to come back from that. Interception return for a touchdown. Those are tough things to come back from for any football team and I thought our team really sucked it up."

On whether he's ever played a half like that where the opponent scores 21 points without offense: "I can't remember one, Dennis [O'Donnell], that I've seen. I'm sure it's happened, but I can't remember one. Now I have, saw one today."

On whether he talked to defensive coordinator Vic Fangio about his plan to stop the Eagles: "I was watching what they were planning, but that's Vic and the defensive coaches making the plans and great job by them. Good to see our team played really good in the second half.
Kind of flipped the script a little bit, first half, second half. So, proud of our team, move on."

On how serious the injuries to TE Vernon Davis and OL Anthony Davis could be: "No, no indications yet. I haven't gotten any yet."

On S Antoine Bethea: "He was huge. Had some PBU's, had the interception, sharp, crisp tackling, again. I thought both our safety's played really well. And [S] Eric Reid was sucking it up. He was playing, slowed a little bit and he did a nice job. And our corners, our two corners I thought really played well, [CB] Chris [Culliver], and [CB] Perrish [Cox] and [DB] Jimmie [Ward], as well."

On the touchdown catch by WR Stevie Johnson: "Yeah, that was something by Stevie and he wasn't feeling real good either. He woke up this morning, had a bug and he sucked it up. There were a lot of examples of that today."

On concerns about the punt team: "You don't want to put the ball on the one yard line and make your team punt. That was not ideal at all. Somehow we got two rushers on [LB Dan] Skuta. I don't know exactly how that transpired, but we'll shore that up. And I didn't know how we got out leveraged and gave up the return on the boundary as well, but we'll get it corrected."

On whether Gore asked for the ball more this week: "Frank communicated to the whole team, he didn't care who got the ball, didn't care what the stats were. It's about the team, the team, the team and that's what his message to the team was."

On the noise level in the stadium: "Yeah, it was. It was noisy today right from the beginning. I thought our crowd did a great job and it feels good. It feels good we got a win for them."

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