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QB Vick, G Wells, CB Samuel

QB Michael Vick

On whether he'll still have jitters this week in Jacksonville or whether it's a different feel going into Sunday's game: "I had a little bit. When you first start, it's a different feel, a different atmosphere. You're on the road. Haven't started in four years, so it's all a part of the process you have to go through. And I think it's good to have butterflies in the beginning of the game, but once that ball is snapped and the game is on, then it's on for 60 minutes."

On whether head coach Andy Reid has told him to shy away from taking big hits and either slide or get out of bounds more often: "I'm doing my thing, but it's not just Andy telling me to slide or get out of bounds, it's the entire team. So, I just have to take heed of what they're saying and do it. In the actual game, I kind of get caught up in the moment and sometimes I just go crazy out there, but you've just got to protect yourself at all times. It's a dangerous game, and just be conscious of who's around you and not get hit all the time."

On whether there is a different feeling heading into this week since he is now the starter, as compared to last week when he was just filling in: "Not really. The thing I told myself and what I'll continue to do, and I've always done my entire career is take each game one game at a time. So, can't get caught up in the schedule, who we've got next week and three weeks from now. You take care of that team that week, and don't put the cart before the horse, so regardless, I'm confident. I know what I can do with my abilities. I know what type of team I have around me, so it just makes it easy."

On whether he is doing anything to prepare himself for the heat in Florida: "Let me tell you something. We had a rigorous training camp. It was hot every day and I think that prepared that us for games like this, and atmospheres in which we're going to be in on Sunday. You can't let the element dictate how you play, you just have to keep pushing forward and you can't stop until that clock says triple zero, you've got more points than the opposition."

On his focus on taking care of the ball and limiting turnovers: "That's always the focus. You always have to limit turnovers in this league. The team with the most turnovers always loses the game for the most part. That's the primary goal. Protect the football, you give yourself a better chance to win, so that's what we're always teaching and that's going to continue to be our motto."

On whether he remembers the last time he had a turnover: "(Jokingly) I don't want to remember the last time I had a turnover."

On whether it was a strange week for him and QB Kevin Kolb since he was assuming the starting role: "It was a different feel throughout the week, but at the same time, you've just got to go out and do your job. And you have to do what's asked of you, and that's all I'm doing, and that's all Kevin's continuing to do, and we're going to make the most out of the situation."

G Reggie Wells

On how comfortable he feels playing in the Eagles offense: "I feel real comfortable. It's been a work in progress, and I've definitely put in some overtime as far as the playbook and things like that may seem like second nature to guys who have been here already. It's been going real good and I've been grasping it more and more each practice."

On one or two things that are different between how things are done in Philadelphia as compared to Arizona: "There are countless things that are different. I think there are similar philosophies, probably one being an attacking-style offense, attack the defense wherever we feel we can have the most success. But it's night and day, as far as operations and things like that go."

On G/C Nick Cole missing some practice and whether he has any sense of how much he may play on Sunday: "No, I'm just really worried about me and getting myself prepared to play a full game if need be. As far as injuries and other players, I can't worry about that, I just have to worry about myself."

G Todd Herremans

On what he feels like the offensive line needs to do better as a whole: "Recognition. We need to recognize some things a little quicker. Other than that, it's just blocking forever. We shouldn't have to worry about the ball being gone or anything like that. We should give them as much time as they need to make the plays, so that's what we're going to try to work on."

On whether the offensive line has to block a little bit longer with Vick at quarterback since he's a threat to run: "I wouldn't really say that. You guys act like Kevin's some old hobbled quarterback. Kevin's pretty athletic. (Jokingly) I'm pretty sure he'd beat me in a foot race."

CB Asante Samuel

On why the defense has been kind of Jekyll and Hyde-like:"I can't really call it. We had a couple of breakdowns here and there in coverage last game. Can't really call it. Detroit's not a sorry team; they've got a lot of weapons."

On whether Detroit took advantage of matchups while they were in the hurry-up offense or if the Lions scoring had anything to do with the Eagles defense knowing they had some breathing room: "That plays a part in it, too, so you know you're not going to be as aggressive as you would normally be on defense. Like I said, we did have a couple of coverage breakdowns that gave them a big chunk of yardage."

On whether the gelling process takes a little time with the new rookie starters: "Yeah, it definitely takes time. Definitely could get better, but so far, the young guys have been doing a heck of a job. (S) Nate (Allen), (S) Kurt (Coleman), communicating well. Nate's got two interceptions, so he's been productive. What more can you ask for?"

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