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QB Vick, FS Coleman, SS Mikell, S Anderson

QB Michael Vick

On his 3-1 record on Monday night, and how playing on Monday Night Football is different for a quarterback: "The only really difference is you're playing on Monday night as opposed to a Sunday night or a Thursday night. It's really no difference. A game is a game regardless of what time you play it or when you play or where you play. So just try to go out and get the win just like you always do."

On whether Redskins QB Donovan McNabb will enter the game with a chip on his shoulder after being benched: "I don't know. I know it'll be a lot of emotions tied into the game on his behalf. We'll just have to wait and see. We can't get focused on that right now. The thing we're trying to do is go down and get win number six, and just keep it going."

On whether the Eagles were surprised by the Redskins use of a Cover-2 defense last time the two teams met: "In this league, any team can come out and play a different coverage at any given time, and if that's the way they feel they can stop you or slow you down then that's what they're going to do. It's up to you to make adjustments and do things the right way. So, they may play Cover-2, they may play Cover-3 all game - you never know. We're just preparing for whatever they try to do, and try to have something that we can do to offset what they're trying to do."

On what is important to do against the Redskins defense: "Score points is the most important thing."

On how the Eagles combat what the Redskins defense did last game: "I won't sit here right now and give you our gameplan of what needs to be done. I will tell you we have to score more points than them to win the game."

On how pumped up the Eagles get to play on Monday night:"On Monday night, everybody's going to be watching. Everybody's relaxing. The game starts at 8:30 and everybody's tuned in. And I know I've always been a big fan of Monday Night Football and I still watch it to this day as a fan. Everybody's tuned in so you have to come out and play at your best."

On whether he feels the Eagles are ready to take off, after mentioning the Super Bowl last week: "I mentioned the Super Bowl—potentially. Don't start putting words in my mouth saying that I guaranteed it, that we were going to be in the Super Bowl, but I think it's important that we get off to a great start this game and just try to go on a run the next couple of games. You have to set goals. You have to set high standards, and that's what we try to do here."

On whether he feels that he's going to get hurt if he tries to slide: "I don't know how to do it. I don't know how to slide, so I won't get into that right now. I either get down, I go head first or dive or just fall. For some reason I always think I'm going to get hurt or something crazy's going to happen."

On the suggestions that he should take lessons from a baseball coach: "It won't happen. I did it before down in Atlanta. It didn't work."

On whether there is any extra motivation since he left the game with an injury earlier this season against the Redskins: "No, it's not extra motivation. Just motivated to win, and go out and execute and lead this team to victory. Do whatever it takes, and go out and make sure I'm prepared and rally the guys around me, and rally around them. And put it together on all three phases of the game."

S Quintin Mikell

On whether there is a mix of excitement and concern when Vick scrambles: "Yeah, obviously as the starting quarterback, you don't want your starter to be injured, so get the first down and get down, you know? Live to play another play. That's the way we look at it."

On sliding not being a part of Vick's makeup as a quarterback: "He's a warrior, man. He's going to go out there and if he sees a play he's going to try to make, he's going to do it."

On how S Kurt Coleman will do in his first NFL start as a replacement for injured S Nate Allen: "He's going to do fine. He's been around for long enough. He sat and kind of watched and learned. He's had some good plays and bad plays. This is going to be a big show for him. I talked to him before practice and had a little talk. I think he'll be fine."

S Colt Anderson

On playing both safety positions: "In college, I played both free (safety) and strong (safety). Now, with the offense changing strengths with the tight end, you need to know both. So I'm comfortable with being a free or strong (safety)."

On playing special teams: "I'm looking forward to playing a lot of special teams. It's going to be where I make my name. I'm excited to do that."

On coming to Philadelphia after spending a year and a half in Minnesota's system: "There are a lot of similarities to both defenses. Les Frazier, who's the defensive coordinator in Minnesota, came from Philly, so you can imagine there are a lot of similarities. However, they both tweak things here and there. I'm excited. Like I've said, I'm excited to take on those challenges and see where I can go."

On whether he was aware that the Eagles had interest in him when he was entering the NFL: "A little bit. However, after the draft, there was three teams that stuck out and Minnesota, I felt, was the best opportunity, and that's kind of why I went there."

On how much he has learned since college and how much better he is as a safety:"Yeah, I've been able to put on a few pounds, so physically, I feel like I'm a little more prepared. However, a year and a half in that system, I learned a ton of football, and that's only going to make me better."

S Kurt Coleman

On whether he has any extra motivation going up against McNabb: "Donovan is a great QB. I don't know Donovan personally, but I know he did a lot for this organization. I think it means a lot to this whole organization to get a W, but we're playing the Washington Redskins, not Donovan McNabb. So, it's a division game for us. We have to go in and get a W."

On having his first start come on Monday Night Football: "I'm going to smile - it's a game to me. I love playing football. And even though it's Monday night, it'll be past my bedtime, but I think I'll be able to stay awake for it."

On whether he prepares any differently as a starter: "I can focus just on free safety, instead of playing both positions, but my preparation's going to be the same. I thought I was always preparing as if I was going to be the starter, just in case someone did get hurt. My preparation's going to be the same. I'm going to get more reps. That's probably the only thing that's going to be different. I'm going to get more reps at the free safety spot, but as far as my preparation, the study habits are going to be the same."

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