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QB Vick, CB Samuel, CB Hanson

QB Michael Vick

On how much more comfortable he feels about facing the Cowboys after a week of preparation: ""Well, after a week of preparation, I think this team is ready to go. We're confident. We know it's going to be a football game, we know it's going to be tough in a tough environment, but that's what it's all about.""

On whether the offense is very confident even when they trail late in the game: ""Well, regardless of how the game goes or if you're down by a certain margin, I think you have to remain confident, remain poised, and believe in one another. That's the one thing that we have—is trust—on this offense. And we believe we can get it done. We're very confident in what we can do and in our coaches.""

On how he is feeling physically:""The extra time [off] really helped. I feel fresh, I feel good, I'm one-hundred percent, and just ready to go play some football. This is what it's about—playing in December, a tough stretch, and you find out a lot about yourself.""

On how fun it is to be in the hunt for a playoff spot: ""When you're young, this is what you dream about as a kid, having an opportunity to fight for a playoff position, play in December, down the stretch, when it's cold—good football weather. Just like when you were young and you played in the backyard, when it was cold. You always dreamed of having these opportunities, now you're living it, so it's a dream come true. It's a blessing. I'm just going to cherish it because you don't know how much longer you're going to play this game.""

CB Asante Samuel

On whether he is frustrated: ""I'm feeling pretty good. Every day it's getting better. Taking it day by day.""

On how he is feeling percentage-wise:""I don't know. Feels good every day. So, making strides every day.""

On what needs to happen for him to be ready to play come Sunday night: ""It's a day-to-day thing. Every day progress is being made, so you just have to see.""

On whether there is any swelling in his knee: ""Feeling better.""

On whether he was hoping to do more at practice before leaving early and heading to the locker room: ""My main thing is just try to get as healthy as possible. Whether I'm out there or not, whatever I'm doing I'm just trying to get as healthy as possible.""

On whether he is annoyed by his injury: ""I would prefer to be out there running around a little more, but just trying to do the best thing, get all the strength back, and possibly be ready to go.""'

On whether he needs a certain amount of practice reps to play at the level he is accustomed to: ""I really don't. I really don't need any practice reps. My main thing is being healthy, but the more practice the better.""

On what caused the setback that forced him to sit out of practice yesterday after participating on a limited basis on Wednesday: "I don't know, I wouldn't call it a setback, but you know, some things were uncomfortable, but we'll see how it goes."

On whether he expects to make the trip to Dallas: ""We'll see. We'll see how it goes.""

On what he will do over the next couple of days: ""Get as much treatment as possible.""

CB Joselio Hanson

On the Cowboys wide receivers:""They've got good receivers, but I mean, what team out there doesn't? They go up and get the ball when it's in the air and they've got speed, too, so it's going to be like usual, like every other team. They have the same weapons that every other team has, big receivers with speed.""

On how different the Cowboys are with QB Jon Kitna starting: ""They look like that same team, kind of. Kitna kind of resembles [QB Tony] Romo a little bit. I feel like I'm playing like Romo's out there.""

On whether he prepares himself as if he is the starting cornerback: ""Of course. Mentally, you've got to prepare yourself like you're going to start, because you don't want any surprises on game day, you don't want to feel like you're thrown into the fire. But I've taken the reps all week and I feel comfortable.""

On whether there is extra preparation to do because he will either be the starting cornerback or playing at nickelback: ""Of course, yeah I study a lot—two times harder now. I studied my nickel position, and plus I studied the regular personnel routes and plays, so it's football.""

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