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QB Picture Again Headlines Weekend Story

The defense has Chris Johnson on the brain and they speak about things like "gap control" and discipline and the basics of playing Sean McDermott's scheme. The offense is all about the quarterback story once again, with Kevin Kolb starting his third straight game and Michael Vick ready for action if called upon.

Sunday represents another step in the Kolb Journey, and perhaps it is the big step for him. Tennessee's defense is fast and aggressive and well-schooled and physical and all of the things that a young quarterback respects, and must overcome, in an opponent. Kolb has been outstanding in his last two starts and his demeanor suggests a player who has a lot of confidence.

An understanding of how hard it is to play at a high level in this league, and a lot of confidence.

"That's what you have to do as a young player; you have to just keep improving. And keep trying to build, like you said. And that's my mentality," said Kolb. As soon as you settle, you get embarrassed. In this league, there are too many good guys around, too many good defenses. If you're not totally prepared then you're going to get embarrassed the next week and I'm looking for the next week, not the week behind."

Kolb has an awfully young group of receivers to throw to this week, with rookies Riley Cooper and Chad Hall backing up starters Jason Avant and Jeremy Maclin. Kolb has stayed on the same page with his receivers. He has made sure to discuss situations and coverages and pre-snap reads the Titans will show. If the quarterback and the receiver aren't on the same page, the passing game will make some serious mistakes.

In such a short period of time, Kolb has gone from the backup to the starter to the wise, young veteran. Just another day in a surreal situation ...

This is a huge game for the offense. For the most part this season, the X's and O's and the execution have been right on. The Eagles are 4-2, winners of two straight games. You understand how enormous a win in Tennessee would be for the Eagles. This is a well-balanced offense that showed last week that it can eat clock and ice down a potentially-volatile fourth quarter.

And while we'll again look at the offensive line, and the depth at wide receiver, and the continued development of second-year running back LeSean McCoy and perhaps Jerome Harrison, the headline story will be Kolb and Vick, whether the latter plays or not. Can Kevin Kolb win a third straight game and set up this Eagles team at 5-2 at the bye week?

In a long line of challenges, this is the biggest so far for Kolb and for an offense that seems to have found an identity. The road waits, along with an excellent Tennessee defense. Let's see what the Eagles have up their sleeves to counter punch the Titans.

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