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QB Nick Foles


On the break between the last game and practice today:** "It was nice to just relax, just look at the film. Just sort of get away and relax. Let the body heal up and take a couple of days and get everything right."

On what he would like to accomplish over the last two games: "I just want to continue to improve as a player. Just be more efficient, eliminate the mistakes, just continue to throw the ball strong and just move forward. Still keep getting better, whatever that takes."

On what percentage of his game that he likes at this point: "I don't think you can put a percentage on anything. I think it's more of I'm going to keep working. I'm not going to be upset at my game. I know what my deficiencies are and I know what I'm good at. I'm going to keep improving on what I'm not good at and just keep working. That's all you can do is just keep working and (if) you make a mistake, just keep working at it, keep improving and that's what recovery days are for, that's what days like this (are for), to go out there and just improve on the fundamentals, keep improving on the game, the reads, the footwork, everything."

On what he remembers from his first professional start against Washington: "I just remember Washington, they're a talented team. Very solid defense. They're going to move around a lot, a lot of speed and we're going to have to be good."

On whether he is excited for the rematch with Washington: "Definitely. You get to play a team that we lost to the first time around and get an opportunity to go out there again and play another game. It's exciting to have that opportunity."

On whether he feels less like a rookie at this point of the year: "Yeah, definitely. I don't even know what (being a) rookie is, really. We've been playing and there's no time to say you're a rookie or anything. I've had the opportunity to play in several games and grow as a player, grow as a person and I've just got to keep moving forward. That's all I can do."

On where he believes he has improved the most since his first start: "I think just the feel of the game. Just playing, just understanding the game, understand the speed. Just feeling more comfortable out there playing. I think just (the) comfort level."

On what he personally would like to accomplish in the team's final two games: "I want to win. It's really as simple as that. There's not individual goals or anything. I know I'm going to have to play well; as a quarterback, you have to play well and make good decisions. But I want to win. That's the most important thing is (to) win the game no matter what it takes."

On whether he enjoys the opportunity to play spoiler over the final two weeks: "We'd like to be in the other situation where we're fighting for the division. We really just want to win the games. The first one's Washington and that's all I'm focused on right now is just beating them. The season hasn't gone the way we wanted it to but we still have the opportunity to play two more games and we just want to go out there and give our best versus Washington and we want to win."

On the issues throwing the ball deep on Thursday: "One got away from me. It's as simple as that. One got away. I've completed a lot of deep balls in the times I've played football in my life and, sometimes, some get away. It's just one of those things; I've just got to throw it out there."

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