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QB Nick Foles


On taking a sack on the final play of the first quarter during a drive that resulted in a missed field goal attempt:** "I was trying to make a play. They dropped into coverage, and every time I had a guy open, they swiped and they kept swiping. At the last second when I was thinking about throwing the ball away, the guy grabbed my leg and sort of spun me, and at that time it was hard to really throw it away. It was a bad decision by me. I definitely should have thrown it away in that situation. That was tough, but I felt like we kept fighting throughout the game. I was proud of the team and all of the guys in that locker room. They continued to fight and we continued to fight back on all sides of the ball. That's what this team is about. We're going to fight until the end. It didn't turn out our way today. The Saints played a great game and they obviously finished it out, but at the end of the day I'm very proud of my team. I'm very proud of their fight. In a football game, things are not always going to go the right way. We're going to make mistakes, but I thought the guys really did a great job of continuing to work through it. We continued to make adjustments. I made mistakes. People are going to make mistakes, but I know that my teammates and I are going to keep fighting. We're going to look at the pictures and talk about it on the sideline, correct them, and get better because of it. That's why I love this team. There was never a point in the game where the guys put their heads down. Everyone was in it the whole time. We were going to fight throughout the entire game, we're going to make adjustments, and we're going to play like we have all year. We're going to play for each other and we're going to play until the whistle blows. It didn't turn out our way today, but I am very proud of my teammates for the way they fought and for what they did."

On what he was doing on the sideline during the Saints final offensive drive: "We always go over photos because you want to make adjustments. There was still time on the clock. When there is still time on the clock, you always have to be ready to go. At the end, they happened to get good field position so I began to throw. You always want to make sure you're warm. If we stop them, I'm going to be throwing. I was throwing on the sideline to keep my arm warm because you want to play until the whistle blows and there is nothing left on the clock."

On why it took so long for the offense to get into a rhythm: "We just weren't executing. I was missing throws and the Saints defense was doing a great job. We just weren't executing as an offense. That's where it comes down to making adjustments. Just because it doesn't work one series, or doesn't work two or even three or four, you have to keep working and making adjustments. We have great coaches here that do a great job. We have players that can recognize what's happening on the field. That's where communication on the sideline is key. We had great communication on the sideline to where we were making adjustments. We knew that we had to keep running this offense because it was going to start clicking and we were going to start making big plays. We have too many playmakers not to make big plays. We have a great offensive line, and we know the defense is going to give us the ball back. I have all of the faith in the world in our defense. That's the mindset of our team. We're going to keep getting better and we're going to keep building. This doesn't feel good. We wanted to keep playing, but it is what it is. I'm proud of my teammates. I'm proud of the crowd today. They were great and they did an awesome job. They were loud, and I know that it was hard for (Saints QB) Drew (Brees) to hear. I'm proud of the city of Philadelphia for this season. They were behind us the whole year. It's tough to lose and it hurts. I'm hurting inside right now in my heart, but I'm going to keep my head held high because I love my teammates, I love this city, and I'm going to keep fighting for this city and keep playing. This team is going to keep playing. I know that this season is over, but we're going to keep working and growing as a team. I love playing here, I love this city, I love this team, and I love this organization because I know the heart of it. The heart of it is the heart of Philadelphia. Like Coach Kelly said, we fight, and we're going to keep fighting."

On whether he thinks he'll regret some of the decisions he made in the game upon review of the film: "It's tough. You're going to make mistakes. You're going to make mistakes in life. Nobody goes through a day and it's a great day all of the time. I'm going to make mistakes. I made mistakes tonight, but I'm going to keep playing and keep fighting. It's tough. You don't want to do that, but you have to keep playing to the next play. You can't let a mistake like that – taking a sack or an intentional grounding – defeat you on the next one. My guys are depending on me to go out there and make plays. They're going to look to me in those situations. When I look at the film, it's going to be like, 'Man, I should have done that.' But I'm not going to hold onto that. I'm going to keep moving forward. I'm not going to let that play defeat me and make me a worse player. I'm going to use that play to learn from it so that next time I won't do it. There might be a time again when I do have an intentional grounding or I do take a sack, but I'm going to keep playing through it. That's what the guys can count on from me. I'm going to keep playing. They know I'm going to keep fighting for them because I'm playing for my teammates that are next to me, and they're playing for me. When you know that, you can't help but just move forward and onto the next play."

On his go-ahead fourth quarter touchdown pass to TE Zach Ertz: "It was just a little naked out to the right. They brought I believe a zero blitz, so they added an extra guy on, and Zach did a great job of reading it and he got out quick. They took (DeSean Jackson) in the flat, so Zach just sort of popped right there, so I just sort of put my foot in the ground and flicked it to him. He did a great job, he had a great rookie year and he's going to be a tremendous player for this team in the future."

On the team's future: "We have a great team. We have a great team because we have great people here. We have great people that are going to work hard and play for each other. We have a great coaching staff because they believe in us, and they want to make us better people and better football players. We have great personnel all around the NovaCare facility. They're great people, and it's a great place to go to work. That's why I know that this team is going to continue to improve and we're going to continue to work hard. That doesn't guarantee wins, but it puts us in a position to be successful. I know the heart of this team, and it's going to hurt. It's going to hurt for a long time, but I know that everyone is going to keep their head held high, as the city of Philadelphia will. We will continue to work, we will continue to fight and we will continue to get better because we have great people here."

On whether his illness during the week contributed to his play tonight: "People get colds all the time. I got a little sore throat. I'm sure there are people in the stands right now that were out there cheering us on that have a cold, but when I'm out there playing, I'm 100 percent."

On how difficult it was to watch New Orleans drive for the game-winning score: "That's when you just have to have faith in the defense. They did a great job all night. They gave us opportunities that we didn't capitalize on. We win as a team, and we lose as a team. It's tough. It's tough to sit there, but in those situations, you just have to have faith. It didn't turn out our way tonight, but looking back on it, I'll have time to reflect on the season. It's tough right now. There are a lot of emotions and I'm holding it together. But I just look at my teammates and I'm proud of each and every one of them. They fought as hard as they could. The coaching staff did everything to put us in a great position, and they coached as hard as they could today. It didn't work out for us, but we're going to keep our heads held high and we're going to keep working hard to be a great team. We have to continue to work hard."

On whether he watched the Saints game-winning field goal: "I did."

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