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QB Mike Vick

On being back at practice with the first team: "It was a good first week of practice. It felt good throwing the ball around. It felt good being out there with the guys most importantly. It's good to go out and finish strong. I'm just thankful that I got another chance to play, not just for myself but to play with my teammates."

On whether there will be any rust from not playing for so long: "Maybe a little rust but who knows. I haven't taken a live game snap in eight weeks. I'm pretty sure the game hasn't changed too much and I pretty much know what to expect going in. I'm very excited about it and confident. I'm ready to put in work."

On whether it feels weird to finally be in the last week with the way the whole season has gone: "Yeah, it's different because we didn't expect such an abrupt ending. It's a part of the game and it happens to teams all around the league year in and year out. The thing you have to do is just learn from the situation and figure out what you have to do moving forward to get better for the organization and for us as players to figure out how we can maximize our efforts in the NFL."

On whether he can pinpoint any particular moment in the season when things took that turn: "I read things that happened that weren't supposed to happen or what we didn't expect. I think, at the end of the day, we're supposed to get it done as players and as coaches. We didn't do that. We just have to deal with it. I think each and every guy in this locker room, along with our coaches, our futures are bright and we'll figure it out. We just have to learn from it and continue to get better."

On whether he will return to Philadelphia next season: "I can't even see that far ahead right now. I try to live in the present. I can't really dictate my future as of right now. I just have to go as everything goes. Like I've said, I believe in myself and I believe I have a lot of football to play. Hopefully, things will work out, who knows where."

On whether he wants to come back to the Eagles: "I have to just sit back and think about what has transpired and look at the situation as a whole. Of course you would like to come back and play. I love the organization and I love what they've done for me. That's genuine, and I'm not just saying that. Outside of football, the relationships that I've been able to develop and the personalities that are in the building - I've never been so close to so many people that I've worked with. If not, it's been wonderful and I understand the nature of this business. At some point, we all have to move on."

On whether he wants to be a starting quarterback: "Yes, absolutely. I want to be a starter in this league. I can't see myself not being a starter right now. I just feel like I have too much talent and too much to offer. That's (just not the) conversation right now. I think it should be directed towards winning this game this week."

On his last game at MetLife Stadium being the Miracle at New Meadowlands: "Last time we played in New York, it was a different situation for us. We had a lot to play for. We still have a lot to play for. It was a great game. I haven't played down there in a while, and I didn't have a chance to play down there last year because of my injuries. It'll be exciting - it's the Big Apple. Can't ask for much more."

On being able to start and finish this game: "It's a totally different ballgame, and you have to go out there and make it happen again. I'm pretty sure we have the tools in this locker room to do it. They're going to be excited on their side because they have a lot to play for. We do as well. It's going to make for a great game."

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