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QB Michael Vick, RB Ronnie Brown, TE Brent Celek

QB Michael Vick

On whether the defense working on a lot of blitzes today is beneficial for his progress: "It's to my benefit to be able to see it every day, to know when it's coming and know the looks, watch it on film, rep it in the am, rep it in the pm and it just works out for us."

On whether it's a concern not having his top two receivers with only four days until the first preseason game: "We just have to go with the guys that we have and make it work. You know, (WR) Jeremy (Maclin) get healthy, (WR) DeSean to get back and we'll get rolling."

On whether it's beneficial to be working with the second string receivers: "It's a challenge. Some guys are different from others and some guys do things different. So you know, you just have to work with them and adjust. I think the first couple of days were an adjustment period and I got through that pretty well and felt like I'm making strides right now."

On whether it is challenging to condense six months into six weeks: "Very challenging, it's very challenging. But at the same time we're doing a great job adjusting, coaches are doing a great job of keeping us in tune and making sure that because things are going faster that we'll be able to understand it."

On whether he feels that his receivers are giving a great effort: "Those guys give 110 percent effort every time they step onto the field, and that's all coach asks and that's all I want for each and every guy on offense. You may do something wrong but do it at 110 percent and I think that will go a long way."

On today's practice being a very spirited practice: "I don't know what happened today, man. There was just something there. You know, the last couple days the offense has gotten the best of the defense, and I think two days before that the defense got the best of the offense. And it was just one of those days where I guess on both sides of the ball it's just like, 'we're going to win on each and every down'. And that's what it takes to be a champion."

On where he thinks his blitz recognition is compared to last year and where he thinks it needs to be: "Last year it was probably like 50 percent, this year it's more like 75 percent. I still have a ways to go and just being to see it and recognize it, know when it's coming, learning each and every day (because) as a quarterback you never know it all. And I'm just pleased with where I am now, and like I said the offense that we're running it's going to pay dividends."

On whether he hopes the Ravens blitz a lot on Thursday night: "If they do, they do. We're here to play football and that's what we do. Whenever there's a blitz there's an opening."

RB Ronnie Brown

On whether he thinks he will run the Wildcat in Philadelphia: "I don't know, possibly. I have to get all the basic stuff down first and then we'll gravitate towards that kind of stuff."

On whether there's a conscious effort to develop chemistry with all of the talent assembled: "I think there's a chemistry that comes along with that as well as a work ethic. You have to come out and put the work in because at this level every team has talent because most guys were pretty good in college and they made it to this level for a reason. So each team has talent but you have to go out and put the work in, and then you have to have chemistry to go along with that."

On whether the best way to develop chemistry is to practice 110 percent: "Yeah, and everybody getting on the same page and occasionally you have to put in extra time with the running backs, wide receivers and getting with the quarterback, running backs getting with the o-line (to work) on protection. So there's going to be times where you have to put in the extra work."

TE Brent Celek

On the play of QB Michael Vick: "Well, Mike wants to be the best quarterback in the league and he's just keeping his nose down, you know he's grinding, working hard because he wants us to be the best and you can see it out there. Vick expects it from the guys and he expects it from himself. So when you have a guy like that at quarterback you have a good situation."

On whether he noticed the hard work from all of the receivers at practice: "Oh yeah, I mean when you have a guy like that – don't get me wrong, we're all going to give it our all, but when you have a guy like that that's giving it his all on every single play you don't want to let him down."

On Vick chasing down DE Darryl Tapp after his interception: "He's just having fun."

On whether he's talked to former QB Kevin Kolb and how he's doing in Arizona: "Kevin's doing good; he said everything's going pretty well. I don't get into it too much with him, that's their team and their stuff. But as a friend, you know, I just try and keep in touch because when it's all said and done hopefully we can still stay friends."

On whether today was a particularly good practice day: "I think it was a good practice day. But I think that we've had a few good practice days here. I wouldn't say today's the day where it all clicked, but we're getting better, we're improving every day and that's what we want to do."

On whether it's hard to believe that the first preseason game is only four practices away: "You know, I know it seems hard for you guys to believe but we're out here banging every single day. So we would rather it be another team instead of our own guys because it gets old. But we're excited to play games. Once you get into the game, it's fun."

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