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QB Michael Vick



On when he found out he would be the starting quarterback this week: "Honestly I never knew or never heard about me not being a starter. It wasn't news that I got that I (was the starter) of this football team."

On whether he had any conversations with head coach Andy Reid during the week: "Coach and I had our conversations. We had real good conversations and talked about some things that we both needed to discuss and that was that. Now we're moving on trying to get things right and have a good game this week against New Orleans."

On what things stuck out to him on film this week: "When I watched the tape from Sunday I just thought I didn't play aggressive enough. I thought there were a lot of things on both sides of the ball that we could have done better. We started slow and we didn't finish strong. We didn't get the win. There is a lot to learn from the film. Probably more than any loss we had all season so as much as you hate to say it, some good things came out of it. Look forward to getting it corrected and moving forward."

On whether he ever felt that Reid was losing faith in him: "As long as I'm out on the field I'm going to continue to play as hard as I can. I'm going to continue to give it everything I (have). I don't worry about the outside distractions, or what could happen, or what should happen. I control what I can control until I'm told otherwise. At that point I was going to continue to play. In the grand scheme of things you've got to go out and you've got to be productive. Not just for me but from everybody on this football team. We're holding everybody accountable and responsible right now (to) do their jobs. That's all it is."

On why he said after Sunday's game that he thought Reid was considering benching him: "Why did I say it? That was the question that was thrown at me from one of you guys. I didn't know that conversation had (taken) place. It's all hindsight now. You've got to move forward. I can't continue to entertain that. I've got to stay focused for this team. I've got to stay focused for this organization. That's what matters the most. Going out, putting in the hard work, and getting the win."

On whether he is surprised that it became such a large national story: "It seems as of right now everything I do becomes national. I'm used to it. It is what it is. It's a part of this game and this business. At the end of the day I'm still a competitor. I still feel like I'm one of the best players in this league and I'm going to continue to display that. I got to keep working hard. It all comes with hard work. There's no substitute for it and I understand that and that's why I'm getting ready to (go right now) and refresh."

On WR DeSean Jackson's comments that Vick looks uncomfortable in the offense: "I'm very comfortable running the offense. It's just that when certain things are going on sometimes, I'm only human like everybody else. I think I was just trying to cater to certain things and trying to be what everybody wanted me to be. The most important thing is I have to let it go. I have to get my swag back. I have to go back to playing football the way I love to play it and not worry about what's going to happen because that's out of my control. What I can do is know what I can control is the way I can play and how aggressive I can be."

On whether it bothers him that his status as starting quarterback is questioned weekly: "Like I said, I'm human. It does tend to bother you because I have emotions just like everybody else. It's not like you can just block things out. Sometimes you want to have that comfort level. You want to know everything is going to be what it's going to be at the end of the day. When you have that type of support it's easy to go out and try to make it all work. I kind of let it get to me to be honest. I've always been that way. But now it's just a totally different feel for me and I'm ready to go."

On Reid's comments that Vick played one of his better games against the Falcons and Vick commenting that he still needs to play his old style of game: "The reason I said that is I was efficient but we like to go downfield. We like to attack. Our offensive personality is being aggressive, picking and choosing our spots, and making plays that we know we can make. I just felt like in certain scenarios I kept it conservative but stayed aggressive and just tried to take what they gave me. We fell behind early so it wasn't the time for that so the mindset has to change."

On whether he needs to do more from a leadership perspective for the team: "Absolutely. I'm leading the guys. We had a great team meeting yesterday in which I led it off and about nine or 10 guys stood up and talked. The veterans and leaders on this team. It is very productive for us and we keep those conversations private but at the same time I think we all have to reevaluate our situations, look ourselves in the mirror, and (figure out) what we can do better individually and collectively."

On whether it was a players only meeting that was called: "Absolutely, yeah. Players only."

On whether he was thinking too much about job security and playing too fine: "Honestly, not really worried about job security because when I'm out there on the field I'm giving it all I got. More so I'm trying to protect the football, I'm trying not to make a mistake, and that's not me. I'll be honest with you. I have to go play lights out, I have to go play the game and leave it all on the field, and play aggressive, and shoot it and run the ball as I feel I need to. If I get a seam, get a crack (then) take it. Just do what I've been born (and) blessed to do and take advantage of my god-given abilities in conjunction with playing with everybody else. I can't do it by myself and I rely on these guys just like they rely on me to be successful."

On whether he means playing like the Vick that played in Atlanta: "I'm ready to go. I put my shield back on my helmet. It's time to play ball."

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