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QB Michael Vick

On what the reason is for the team's ability to come back in the fourth quarter three times this season: "I don't know. I really can't tell you the reasons why we're winning the games in the fourth quarter. The only thing I know is we're winning them and that's what's most important."

On what it says about the Eagles that the team can overcome injuries, turnovers, and poor special teams play to continue winning: "It says a lot about us. We'll continue to fight to the end. We stay in the game as long as we can (and) find a way to win. That's what good football teams have to do. You have to find a way to win regardless of what happened throughout the course of the game."

On whether the Giants played special coverage against WR Jeremy Maclin or whether his hip injury limited his production: "They did a little bit of everything. They rolled the coverage at Jeremy a little bit. They really didn't try to take him away but things were just going in a different direction and Jeremy will have his moments and his days where he gets out there and he's productive for us. The thing is he can't get discouraged and (has) to keep fighting."

On how tough it will be to travel to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers: "It's going to be a tough matchup against Pittsburgh this week. It's always a tough matchup any time you play them and playing them on the road. Their record at home is outstanding. But that's what it's all about, two good teams clashing head to head and we just (have) to find a way to come out on top."

On whether he has been looking to spread the ball around to different receivers each week: "Not really. I just try to distribute the ball around the best way I can. I try not to predetermine what I'm going to do before the snap. I just play within the offense and that's what's most important."

On whether he did anything specific to limit turnovers against the Giants: "Not really. I've always felt that I could play that way. Sometimes you just get in situations where you just try to force things and make things happen. Sometimes that can be kryptonite for a quarterback, when you know you can get it done and you try so hard you don't let it come naturally. Sometimes it can hurt you. You get into a groove, you learn to play within the system and just try to do that over and over again."

On how the team's preparation changes because of the expectation that S Troy Polamalu and LB James Harrison will return for the Steelers: "I think whether they're out there or not you just have to have the same type of approach. You can't just say because they're not playing (that) we are going to do this and it's going to work. You've got other guys who play just as well. Not as good as those guys but put themselves in the right positions. They have a good football team across the board and it's going to be a challenge for us."

On whether the play of the offensive line improved against the Giants because of adjustments or due to a rhythm being established throughout the game: "I think it was more so getting into a rhythm. Getting a feel for the game, a flow for how (the Giants) are going to pass rush, how they're going to run block, and just putting themselves in a position where we can create opportunities so we can move the ball as an offensive unit. I think they understand how important it is and they take pride in it."

On whether he feels he has gotten into a grove as the weeks have progressed: "Yeah, that's what happens as a quarterback. As the weeks go on you tend to get comfortable with what you're doing and the game plans and just trying to figure out how to manage the game. That's important and I take great pride in that. It's something that has to happen on a consistent basis."

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