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QB Michael Vick

On whether the extra day's rest will be helpful to his ribs: "We're still talking about the ribs? I've played a full game. I don't know, I don't want my man to jinx me right here, but, yeah, the ribs feel good. Like I said, I haven't even thought about it until you mentioned it. You can't go out and focus on injuries or getting hurt. Just got to play the game, like I said before."

On whether there will be a "wow, I'm back on Monday Night Football" moment: "No, just another game to me, another game that we have to go out and win. It's definitely going to be exciting. It's always great to have a chance to play on Monday night. That's what you dream of as a kid growing up watching Monday Night Football, so I'm definitely going to enjoy the moment, though."

On whether he believes the Eagles have taken on his relaxed and confident personality: "You'll have your guys who are going to be rowdy and loud—(CB) Asante (Samuel), for example. He's just going to be him, and that's his personality. We've got guys in the locker room who have a great sense of humor, a real outgoing personality. You need that, too. I take a different approach, and we have some guys on the team like that, so it's good to have a mixed bag of personalities in the locker room."

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