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QB Kevin Kolb In-Game Quotes

On the first drive and the overall performance of the offense: "It was a good start. [Offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] took a couple shots. We were fortunate to get a couple penalties there and then we were able to punch it in. For the whole half, I felt like we were in a pretty good rhythm. A couple of drives we let it slip away, but we put up 24 points, and like I said, we had pretty good rhythm throughout the whole half."

On how he felt with the extended playing time: "The more time I get, the more comfortable I feel, like any player. Getting out there today, I think we had like 40-something snaps, we felt awfully comfortable. Hopefully it will continue to be that way and I will just keep working."

On how he felt the receivers played: "There were a couple times where we were in third-and-long and the receivers made great plays to get us the first down and continue the drive. I told [WR] Danny [Amendola] that he got us the touchdown because he got us out of third-and-15. It was a great all-around collective effort."

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